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  1. Introduction & Pictures
    This was my first “nice” car, a 2008 DX civic coupe. My actual first car was an old Mazda protege rust bucket with peeling clear coat that I only had for two years before it died. I haven’t done much to my car, and it’s bone stock since I plan on keeping the amazing fuel economy it gets. What I...
  2. Civic Si
    Hey all, I'm going for the Mugen look on my 8th gen FA5. I'm looking to buy the rear bumper/diffuser lip that hugs underneath the exhaust which has the third brake light (preferably unpainted). I've looked all over FB marketplace, google, ebay, etc. The only potential buy I'm able to find is an...
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Under dashboard box fuses 12 13 14 15 don't have current. Therefore the tail lights are dead and after turning ON switch without starting engine the temperature gauge starts to go up slowly and get to the last red point. What to check and where?
  4. 8thcivic.com Site News
    I just had to remove my engine splash shield and 2 days later my Front Right Tire Has This Awful rubbery Burn Smell Going On and it had created alot of friction with the other plastic tire guard just tryna see whats up with it
  5. Car Builds
    Recently installed kraftwerks kit on 8th gen civic si . Brought it to the dyno to get tuned . Everything was looking good but right after vtec under boost the car would start to run way too lean. Tuner told me he thinks it’s the fuel pump. I have aem 340 fuel pump rn he told me to switch to the...
  6. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi! I drive an 08 si sedan on airlift v2. Just recently, my car has been making this weird heartbeat / squeaking sounding noise coming from the driver side wheel area. It’ll get louder as I slow down. I checked and there’s not rubbing on the bags and my car idles fine. I’m thinking it might be a...
  7. Hondata
    I have the following on my 07 si coupe 200 compression a cylinder motor is strong PLM header Cat delete Skunk 2 muffler Short ram intake
  8. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Issue started a few days ago, noticed at times I wouldn’t be able to get into 1st or 3rd. I let the car sit for a day, and as I get ready to leave for my inspection this morning, the car refused to get into any gear. It would only get into reverse, but an awful grinding sound occured so I...
  9. Acura CSX
    would Honda Civic struts fit on Acura csx ?
  10. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey good morning, or afternoon. So, last night driving home from work my 2007 civic SI decided to turn into a Christmas tree. The CEL and VSA light turned on, and the TC turned off. Tldr I drove home just fine car didint idle funny, it revved well, power was still their. Etc. So come morning I...
  11. 8thcivic.com Site News
  12. For Sale & Trade Items
    OEM Honda Civic FD1 hood. Hood is longer than the normal OEM Si hood and will fit perfectly if doing a conversion. &
  13. 8thcivic.com Site News
    Is there another alternative than the stock lx alternator can i plug n play a si one or a tsx or an accord looking for more amps stock is 90amps the si has more but not sure if the plug will fit the same
  14. FA1

  15. Northeast 8thcivicfest Annual Meet
    Hello, it's me again. I wanted to ask you guys and galls another question: 1. Is it possible to do a time and cost-effective tranny swap, taking out the current auto and dropping in a manual from another 8th gen civic? Also if it is possible to make it time and cost-effective would it make the...
  16. Introduction & Pictures
    Hello, I’ve had my Mugen Si for almost 3yrs now. I know there was only 1000 made, but who knows how many are actually left.. Can we call ALL legit 2008 Mugen Si owners?! & can we figure out the numbers?! by just posting the last 4 digits of our vin #’s.. mine is 1157. Please & Thanks!! If not...
  17. 8thcivic.com Site News
    Ok so I have a FA5 and I’m gonna be boosting it soon with a comptech supercharger and I was wondering how much boost and how much power will my stock block hold Mods: E85 Long tube headers Injen cai ZDX 78mm throttle body And built head
  18. Civic Si
    Has anyone recently gone to their dealership for the paint recall? Recently bought an 8th Gen and they told me the car was too old so they were only going to cover 20% of the cost?
  19. Introduction & Pictures
    Guys, if you haven't heard of us, or visited our website -- definitely take a moment and see what we have to offer! We started here on 8th, back in 2006 and have been adding products for the 8thGen's ever since! visit us at: www.grfxp.com just an idea of what we offer: JDM Honda Emblems...
1-20 of 55 Results