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  1. 8th Gen Cars
    I want to upgrade my fuel pump and injectors in my 08 coupe R18 and wanted to hear what your thoughts are before I do
  2. Clutch & Transmission
    Hey I’m new to the honda world been in VWs since I started driving lol. I just recebtly bought an 08 honda civic lx 2dr coupe 5 speed. I’m looking to make changes to it soon in the coming months and wanted something of a starter mod list but still keeping it as a decent DD. I’m looking to start...
  3. Introduction & Pictures
    Hey everyone. I have been occasionally looking around on the forums for awhile now and decided to start posting a bit. My name is max, I have been an 8th gen owner since 2018. Starting with my 2008 civic hybrid I had. I got my current 2010 LX in April 2020 and sold off the hybrid in February...
  4. Articles - Body
    I've got an 07 civic lx with a sunroof thats never worked as far as I know. Looked into it and it doesn't work because the wiring from the sunroof and the motor all goes a plug in the foot well thats not plugged in. Looked everywhere, and I cannot find where it plugs into. Its a stock sunroof...
  5. For Sale & Trade Items
    OEM Honda Civic FD1 hood. Hood is longer than the normal OEM Si hood and will fit perfectly if doing a conversion. &
  6. 8thcivic.com Site News
    Has anyone ran this rim size on their 8th gen civic? What tires and tire size do y’all recommend ? Would I need to pull or roll my fenders? Do y’all rub when driving? 18x9 +12
  7. Car Builds
    hello everyone and I wanted to ask you all a few questions about starting up on a function-oriented 8th gen civic build. I have recently got my self a 2008 honda civic EX sedan with an automatic (it's probably the worst part of the car but it doesn't bother me that much) and I know this seems...
  8. Car Builds
    Hey guys and gals my 2008 Honda Civic ex sedan (wish it were a ex-L but what can ya do) had a blown up engine when I bought it a few months ago in august. As of now the only work I've done to it was replace the engine with a 2013 civic ex engine, tint the windows and sunroof, get new tires...
  9. 8thcivic.com Site News
    The Honda Civic has been featured on AutoGuide.com's 'Top 10 Best Cars for Teens' list. Check out the video:
  10. Honda Industry News
    Read More: 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Interior Spied [SOURCE: 10thCivicForum.com] More Details At 10thCivicForum.com - The Largest 2016+ Honda Civic Forum Community CIVIC SEDAN / CIVIC COUPE / CIVIC HATCHBACK / CIVIC Si / CIVIC TYPE R
  11. Honda Industry News
    Read more about the Honda Civic Hybrid at AutoGuide.com
1-14 of 14 Results