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  1. Wanted Forum
    Looking for an hfp rear lip for sedan. Color doesn’t matter and I’m willing to pay shipping.
  2. Wanted Forum
    As the title says, I'm looking for a set of the ol' 8th gen 17" HFP wheels in carbon bronze. New or Used. If you know of a dealership that has them let me know. Will ship from wherever
  3. Inside and Out
    Anyone had any luck getting one of these rear lips for a 2009-2011 sedan? Found this: Rear Underbody Spoiler Civic - $265.37 But the only options for Si Sedan were for year 2006-2008. Shouldn't fitment be the same? I know they've been long discontinued but thought it's worth an ask. Thanks
  4. Wanted Forum
    As title says im just missing the rear piece WTB for a FG2
  5. Garage
    Hey everyone, looking for a site that i can buy HFP parts from, preferably canadian but does not have to be thanks
  6. Inside and Out
    Hey everyone, looking for a site that i can order HFP parts from? A Canadian site preferably but does not have to be thanks
  7. Inside and Out
    Since it’s 2020 and the 8thgen is already 14+ years old, Honda has discontinued the mounting hardware for the HFP skirts which included the bracket to mount the skirts... SO, has anyone mounted them without the OEM hardware and how? I can still use the screws on the front end and the double...
  8. Wanted Forum
    Looking for Alabaster Silver HFP side skirts for the coupe. And maybe the front lip too (06-08).
  9. Inside and Out
    Hello. So I finally picked up a full HFP appearance set and I got the front and rear lips attached. However, I looked at the instructions for the side skirts, and there is one step I am not sure about. Step 25 says to cut into the shaded area with a knife, but it doesn’t say exactly how to cut...
  10. Inside and Out
    So I recently had a complete HFP lip kit installed on my FG. the question I have, is will the rear fender guards (74551-SVA-A00 & 74591-SVA-A00) fit with the rear lip installed? I had the splash guard accessory kit before I installed the lip and I’m not sure I want to have the rear wheel wells...
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  12. Inside and Out
    Staring today (6/23/11) and ending 6/30/11 use coupon code "CB17" at checkout and get your 17" HFP Carbon Bronze wheel set for $699 plus shipping. This coupon is an exclusive 8thcivic.com offer. Thank you for your support of Genuine Honda Accessories at Discount Prices - Authorized OEM Honda...
  13. Inside and Out
    The discontinued train is coming down the tracks once again. The next stop? HFP Braking Kits for the Si. Here is the skinny. Honda has a limited number of front and rear rotor kits left on hand. Once they are gone that will be it. No more will be produced. The brake pad kits were discontinued...
  14. Inside and Out
    I'm tired of waiting for a Honda HFP special so I'm blasting out one of our own. Valid right now through 11/14 take $50 off any 06-11 Civic HFP Suspension Kit using coupon code "8THCIVHFP". Use this code during the checkout process online. Orders will ship out next week.
1-15 of 18 Results