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  1. Grafixpressions, for all of your 8thgen needs!

    Introduction & Pictures
    Guys, if you haven't heard of us, or visited our website -- definitely take a moment and see what we have to offer! We started here on 8th, back in 2006 and have been adding products for the 8thGen's ever since! visit us at: www.grfxp.com just an idea of what we offer: JDM Honda Emblems...
  2. Get rid of that ugly chrome trunk accent with our Grfxp overlays!

    Inside and Out
    Goodbye chrome! Over 30 colors to choose from to replace that horrid chrome! super easy and quick to install. Available here: https://grfxp.com/collections/all/products/chrome-trunk-accent-overlay-for-8thgen-civic-sedan-2006-2011
  3. Full coverage taillight overlays for the FA's!

    Inside and Out
    We finally sat down with an FA and made full coverage taillight overlays! Available with or without the reverse area cutout... here are a few pics in Dark Smoke. available here! https://grfxp.com/collections/all/products/full-coverage-taillight-overlays-for-8thgen-civic-sedan-2006-2011
  4. Alien Eyes aka "Neochrome" Headlight Film by GRFXP!

    Inside and Out
    If you guys haven't seen our newest product, our "Alien Eyes" wrapping film, here it is! The pics below show some of our customers who have installed product on their vehicles -- a 9thgen Sedan and Civic Type-R over in the UK! If you are any experience with wrapping vinyl, this will be a super...
  5. GRFXP products showcased on Stanced_FG2's stunning Fiji Blue Si (Video)

    Inside and Out
    One of the most stunning 8thgens ever built... I recommend watching on youtube in full HD! For some reason I can't get the video to embed in the post... ugh! Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tKADPx36cs If you'd like to purchase any of the products shown in this video, head...
  6. Coming Soon - The Ultimate JDM Backpack by GRFXP!

    Inside and Out
    Grafixpressions has been working extremely hard on our own, ultimate version of the JDM Backpack for quite a while now. We have gone through a few phases of this awesome backpack and we are finally getting close to a completed product. We know this has been done before, but none of the...
  7. *NEW* GSport Adjustable Delrin Shift Boot Retainer Ring!

    Inside and Out
    How's it going 8th'ers? I'm pretty excited to share a new product we've been working on, made specifically for 8thgens, but universal for nearly any car on the planet. Just a little background if you haven't been following us, @GRFXP on instagram or Facebook.com/grfxp, you should -- because...
  8. The GRFXP Galaxy Shift knob is back!

    Inside and Out
    And made in beautiful stainless steel! Shown below is our new Stainless Steel Galaxy knob paired with our 8thgen Super Shift boot (extreme high quality leather) as well as the delrin shift boot collar that we normally use with the 9thgen's, although it looks great on an 8thgen too! The...
  9. GRFXP F-Bomb Shift Knob & XtenShift shift knob extenders!!!

    Inside and Out
    We're so happy to announce some new products we've been working on for a very long time, we hope you love them as much as we do! The first is our F-Bomb shift knob, a 1.2 lb piece of automotive jewelry! Check out the product description on our website for more info about this awesome knob...
  10. GRFXP Fuel Rail Covers now available for 06-11 Si's!

    Inside and Out
    Gunmetal shown with additional i-VTEC sticker installed: We only have 10 of these available, 5 in gunmetal and 5 in matte black! Simplify and beautify your 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si engine bay with our newest product offering from the GRFXP Parts division, the K20Z3 fuel rail cover! Our...
  11. Just released, GRFXP Delrin® Composite Fatboy shift knobs!

    Inside and Out
    Just released, our AMAZING Delrin® Composite Fatboy shift knobs! Produced completely by Grafixpressions and made in Connecticut, USA, these Delrin beauties don't attract the heat and cold like alloy knobs, so they are perfect for summer/winter driving. Machined out of genuine Dupont Delrin...
  12. Finally available! 8thgen Sedan DRL overlays by GRFXP!

    Inside and Out
    Here they are guys and gals... sorry for the long wait! GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!... ...And here's some other new stuff while we're at it! Sinister Steel fatboy shift knob finish! Roswell Grey Fatboy shift knob finish Some other stuff coming soon (8thgen...
  13. 2013 GRFXP Fatboy shift knobs - you guys/girls choose the finishes!!!

    Inside and Out
    Bane visited our shop today...he wants to know which of our new prototype Fatboy shift knob finishes are you favorite! 3 will be chosen and offered as our new 2013 line of 1.5 lb race-spec Fatboy knobs for 2013! Watch the video here and comment on this post to cast your vote!
  14. GRFXP Fatboy shift knobs - new Satin Black finish available!

    Inside and Out
    Hey everyone! We wanted to share a new finish we just added to our line of Fatboy shift knobs - Satin Black. We've had many requests for black knobs, or matte black knobs, after a lot of testing -- we found a finish we really thought looked and felt great! As always, our finishes are...
  15. GRFXP Black Friday Sale!!! - $10% off the entire store!

    Inside and Out
    To all our 8thcivic friends, we thought you'd appreciate this Black Friday secret sale! *** BLACK FRIDAY 1 DAY ONLY SALE *** Everything at Grafixpressions is on sale today, 10% off the entire store! This applies to shift knobs, stickers, JDM emblems, t-shirts... everything! This is your time...
  16. New Stickers up! I heart my TE37s, RPF1's and lots more!

    Inside and Out
    Check out the site for tons of new, awesome designs... here are just a few that you guys might enjoy! all available at : GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!... love this one! don't forget about our titanium FatBoy knobs! and so much more... check it out all now...
  17. Got TE37's???

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Then you need this sticker! Get it here: GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!... and check out GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!... for tons of other awesome stickers, t-shirts, shift knobs, honda emblems and more! OK OK, since we're in the wheel section here...
  18. BRIDE iPhone 4/4S cases from GRFXP!

    Inside and Out
    If you haven't seen one of our newest products, check it out! Look at that detail!!! Looks just like real fabric... this was designed from scratch by our graphic designers...this is NOT a picture of fabric! What you get: - 3 pack of BRIDE vinyl skins (1) gray gradation, (1) blue & (1)...
  19. GRFXP @ 8thfest - what do you want us to bring!??

    Northeast 8thcivicfest Annual Meet
    I know we're late to the game here, but it's crunch time... We are planning on bringing a bunch of stuff to sell at the show (and yes, you will get special pricing at this meet!) We want to know what type of stickers, t-shirts, overlays, etc you want us to bring. Start listing requests here...
  20. GRFXP BRIDE iPhone 4/4S Case Kit now available!

    Inside and Out
    Get them here, special introductory price! GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!... *Customize your iPhone 4 / 4S with these incredibly highly detailed BRIDE fabric pattern skins for the back of your Apple iPhone! GRFXP drew each skin from scratch with incredible focus on detail...