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  1. Interior & Exterior FS
    $55 shipped anywhere is the US. I have my old fd2 type r shift knob for sale, it's in excellent shape was on my car for about a year. It's a great knob and everyone knows round knobs are the best!! No scratches or anything!
  2. Intakes, Exhausts, & Headers FS
    First things first, you MUST have flashpro to run this intake, it is a 3.5" and your stock ecu cannot handle it. This come with everything you need to bolt it on and go. Has roughly 4k miles on it. I used my old filter off this with my new CAI so this is including a BRAND NEW vibrant filter with...
  3. Wanted Forum
    You know what it is, looking for some mugen gp's. I know there is a set for sale now but he is too far away for shipping so let me know :woot:
  4. Interior & Exterior FS
    So, when I was getting my second set of retro fogs I thought I had cut my old volt kit to wire it but turns out I didn't. So I now have a brand spanking new xenon depot volt ballast kit that indont need! Just pulled them out of the package to take pics and they are now packed up again ready to...
  5. Engine & Transmission FS
    For sale is a stock intake manifold cover that is in excellent shape. It does have one little knick in it but you will see that in the one picture. Looking for $35 plus shipping for it: Next is a stock civic si throttle body off my 2007 si. It's dirty but it works fine. Looking for $40 plus...
  6. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    So I went to a dyno for the first time ever today and well, I came back kinda sad. Now I'd like to know if anyone knows any info about this type of dyno it was a dynojet 248. Now I thought the regular dynojets were the 224 because they are the newer one whereas the 248 is the old one and has...
  7. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Okay, so my j35 tb is on its way from Rick at importdps (thanks for an awesome deal Rick!) and I am confused. I've done my research and there are so many answers saying do this and do that and no you don't have to do that that I want to clarify everything. I have a 3.5" Rick spec'd intake and...
  8. Car Builds
    What's up 8th! My names Garrett I've been here for about a year and a half figured it was time to start one of these just to keep some people updated. I have a 2007 taffy white civic si coupe I got August of 2010 with 33k miles. She now sits right on 50k miles and I've loved every second of it...
1-8 of 23 Results