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  1. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi guys I need help I got a misfire on cylinder 3 and when I checked under the hood after the check engine light come on the nut that retain the coil on cylinder 3 unscrewed while I was driving. I put it back together with another nut that was at my mechanic school and the misfire was still...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I tried checking my fuel pressure at the rail with a universal kit with about 80 different adapters, but none of them fit on the rail nor on the fuel line hose. Which adapter do I need specifically to fit or how do I find that out? My car is in my username. Thanks!
  3. Car Builds
    I recently K24 swapped my FA5 Currently only under the hood bolt on functional mods is a k&n cold air intake. I have a ktuned 70mm throttle body coming in and just received my skunk2 pro intake manifold. Ktuned fuel rail gauge and bigger injectors are next. My question is if I choose for...
1-3 of 3 Results