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  1. Car Builds
    8th Gen Civics here, have really good deals on them. So I'll be purchasing one soon. However, my concern lies with the Fuel Economy: Highway : 14.8 kmpl (34.812 Mpg) City : 9.2 kmpl (21.63 Mpg) Though respectable, they still fall short. As a relatively new enthusiast, what mods or tunes should...
  2. Civic Hybrid
    My gas gauge is going down too fast, but the display is still reporting reasonable mileage. I had an oil change where the maintenance signal had to be reset recently, but otherwise nothing has changed. My first 80 miles ~42mpg are reported, but the gauge is only around 5/8. If somebody...
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    installed custom short ram intake on the r18. Started engine after install and it idled for a couple of seconds and then stalls. This happened both times I started her up. decided to put the factory intake back in to make sure MAF had not gone bad while installing the SRI. engine ran perfectly...
1-3 of 3 Results