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  1. For Sale & Trade Items
    Been long time Honda enthusiast S300, KPro, and, Flashpro - don't normally post or sell. Just sold the Civic 5/13/22 as I look to downsize my life. Have genuine unlocked Flashpro for sale. Anyone in DFW area can check it out live. If someone from DFW needs to vouch for me for another member...
  2. For Sale & Trade Items
    Selling my Hondata Flashpro, race model, unit is barely used and is UNLOCKED. Purchased New in August of 2021 $700 price is Shipped(2 day in continental US) and best offer I accept PayPal only
  3. Hondata
    Hey there! I recently bought a '08 FA5 back in april (i'm the 3rd owner) and I have asked for all the mods the 2nd owner has done to the car. The owner mentioned the car only had a K&N sri and that's it. I asked if the car had any tune on it and he said no. Anyway, couple months later, I...
  4. ECU Tuning Information
    So I'm looking into buying a flash pro for my 8th gen SI and what I was wondering was if I were to buy a flashpro on ebay that the seller lists as being used with a different honda (like a 10th gen or a tlx) would I be able to use it on my car.
  5. Wanted Forum
    In MA, PayPal ready. Ive got the money to build my 8th up but havent had any luck with these 2. LMK!
  6. DIY Honda Civic Electrical
    While trying to tune my civic with the flashpro if therew the code saying the wen connector (#12 pin) isn't responding, disabling me from actually uploading the tune. Has anyone else had this problem/ know how and where to fix it?
  7. Past Dragon Meets
    Hey guys, just bought a flashpro for my r18 but I can't get it to connect due to the wen pin code, I have tried everything I have seen on the forums and tested voltage and the wen pin is definitely the issue. Anyone have information on how/where to fix the pin? Thanks!
  8. ECU Tuning Information
    I currently am using a Skunk 2 map for CAI, header and exhaust. I have also changed my injector size over from 310 to 410. My current mods are: Hybrid Racing CAI J37 Throttle body/ port matched RBC Skunk 2 Alpha header RDX injectors Full Race exhaust Hybrid Racing fuel rail Does anyone have a...
  9. Hondata
    So I got flashpro couple weeks ago and flashed a completely stock maf tune (stupid me). Although rev hang was kind of gone, and throttle respone was a lot better, it still felt a bit sluggish (only mods are a skunk2 megapower rr, the 3” one). Stock intake, header and only a catback. So I’ve...
  10. Engine & Transmission FS
    Selling Hondata FlashPro for 06-11 US 1.8 Civic Car has been sold so I no longer have any use for it. In good condition and unlocked. Price is $550 Shipped
  11. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    As stated, I am looking for confirmation if a lighter than stock flywheel will cause a misfire code on an 8th Gen Si I seems strange to me but it is clearly stated as such on K-SeriesParts website and they restated the same to me again on the phone today. The only fix is stated as a FlashPro to...
1-11 of 13 Results