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  1. Articles - Engine, Core
    I own 8th gen Fd2 Civic with K20z2 and 5speed automatic transmission. I'm currently considering swapping my auto transmission to manual one. Many of you might think buying another Civic with manual transmission would be cheaper but Honda never sold Civic with manual transmission in my country so...
  2. Introduction & Pictures
    Greetings! I decided it was time to finally make a profile as I may be picking up a FA5 this weekend. The FD2R has been one of my favorite cars for a while now, and I'm getting my license soon so the time is nigh to pick up a car. The end goal for my build is an Authentic FD2 build in the US, so...
  3. Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    Anyone know where I can get foglights for my front end? I ordered some off eBay thinking it would work but they’re too small.
  4. Engine Swaps, Mounts, Pulleys
    I pretty much bought a shell of an 09 Civic Si 2Dr. Was looking to purchase a k20z3 since its the same one that came with it, didn’t want to have to change a lot of parts. Was looking to keep it budget friendly. I ordered a motor from usedjdmengine.com and I double checked with them to make sure...
  5. Wanted Forum
    Looking for any and all parts for the JDM rear end conversion for 07 Civic Si Sedan. Trunk (Carbon or Metal) Taillights Rear Bumper Used, (but without damage) or new, lmk! I'm also on the market for the FD2 Red Carpet FD2 Wheels Full set of aftermarket motor mounts
  6. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I recently acquired a oem FD2 Rear conversion the trunk it came with has a rear view camera and a button in the middle of it. I was wondering if anyone has tapped into the rear view camera and if so how so i can use it. Also if anyone can explain what this button in the middle does or point me...
  7. Introduction & Pictures
    Noob, I acquired a Honda Civic DBA-FD1, right-hand-drive (RHD) with the R18 engine and automatic transmission. I am believing this chassis is close or identical to the FA5. Car is undergoing bodywork repairs and I'm looking to swap either the K20Z3 or K20A from an FD2. Either have their pros...
  8. Inside and Out
    Thanks William V. to share the kplayground 09+ CTR Mugen Front lip on his 8thgen:dancing::dancing:
1-8 of 11 Results