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  1. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey guys! 2008 civic si sedan. Was on the way home from eating with the fam. Took off from a light just cruising and went to hit vtech in third driving smoothly and it felt like right before crossover it hit the rev limiter hard as hell(it didn’t) , threw me forward and was jerky then I let...
  2. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Hey I have a fg2 08 and I’m running a skunk2 cai, skunk2 alpha header and a q300 exhaust and wanted to know what basemap I should run
  3. Articles - Body
    Hey Everybody! I've been reading this forum for awhile and its helped me out alot, but today I bite the bullet and made an account because Im not sure if anyone has this same problem. Last week I was putting some coil overs on my 2007 Civic Si FA5, When I pulled back the trunk carpet I came...
  4. Suspension and Brakes
    Hello. So I recently installed a manual air ride kit in my FG. I mounted the switch panel in the center console bucket. I’ve been curious for the past few days if the air that comes out if the switches when I air out is dangerous to my health. I’m not super educated on compressed air dangers...
  5. Wanted Forum
    Looking for an hfp rear lip for sedan. Color doesn’t matter and I’m willing to pay shipping.
  6. Suspension and Brakes
    Hello! To anyone running air suspension, how would I go about mounting a baseboard to the trunk floor? The kit is similar to this one:
  7. Introduction & Pictures
    Noob, I acquired a Honda Civic DBA-FD1, right-hand-drive (RHD) with the R18 engine and automatic transmission. I am believing this chassis is close or identical to the FA5. Car is undergoing bodywork repairs and I'm looking to swap either the K20Z3 or K20A from an FD2. Either have their pros...
  8. Exhaust Discussion
    Hi everyone quick question, I have a invidia N1 exhaust have the HFP lip on it barely any clearance, so above the exhaust it gets black from all the pulls! Anything you guys suggest? Thank you!
  9. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Hello. So, I’ve been told that you can’t roll out the rear quarters because they are too thick. However, I’ve seen MANY 8th gens with the rears rolled AND flared out. Here’s one: How the heck do I achieve this? I’ve been told to use a fender roller, but I’ve tried that, and haven’t been...
  10. Exhaust Discussion
    Want a deeper tone but also something that's not obnoxiously loud. Anyone got any recommendations? Will be upgrading headers in the future but still stock for now.
  11. Wanted Forum
    I'm looking for a Skunk2 full exhaust for Honda Si sedan. If you are selling please message me.
  12. Color Specific Threads
    Just curious and haven’t found any information on it. Are there any unequal length headers out there for 06-11 Civics? Or would you just have to get them fabricated? Or is there anything remotely close?
  13. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
  14. Articles - Body
    I’ve tried searching around the forum but I don’t find my exact variant of eBay fog lights. I’ve attached a photo of three wires. One white, one blue and one black. The black and blue wire have little metal c clips on the end while the white doesn’t. I taped them up prior to taking the photo. If...
  15. Articles - Engine, Other
    Hey guys, so what’s the best budget exhaust for the 8th gen civic si? I have a stock one and need to upgrade. If you could recommend one to me or have a war about your opinions I will be happy! Thank you, I want to go skunk2 or Invidia but I’m 16 and have a low budget.
  16. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    So, I’m just trying to cover all my bases at this point and decide to ask for help on the forums. Background on the car is a 2008 FG2 Civic with recent motor swap from a 2010 FA5 motor was from wrecked car sat for a year in the shop. My question is are there any differences in the two motors the...
  17. 8thcivic.com Site News
    Ok so I have a FA5 and I’m gonna be boosting it soon with a comptech supercharger and I was wondering how much boost and how much power will my stock block hold Mods: E85 Long tube headers Injen cai ZDX 78mm throttle body And built head
  18. Car Builds
    Hey guys, My name is Jacob Benz, and I have a 2007 Fiji Blue Civic Si Sedan (FA5) with around 80k miles. I purchased this car back in April 2019 from my cousin Dustin. Previously I inherited a 2001 Honda Prelude as my first car and enjoyed it for about a year until picking this up! I had no...
  19. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    08 civic si (k20z3 stock) My head gasket was bad so I took it apart and put it back together. it starts and runs but there are huge amounts of fuel in the oil. car struggles to start and the motor shuts off after maybe 30-80 seconds of idling. BUT with MAF sensor disconnected, it starts without...
1-20 of 27 Results