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  1. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello. Got a 2008 FA1 here, and I’ve noticed that the fuel gauge goes down very quickly. If you look at this photo (ignore the TPMS light LOL): You can see that I’ve only drove 3.3 miles since I filled it back up, and it’s already gone down a bar on the gauge. My previous 8th gen, a 2006 FG1...
  2. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows of any custom valve covers for the r18 engine? Looking to spice it up a little bit, but most aftermarkets are for the si and can’t find anything for the fa1. Anyone know of any? It would be greatly appreciated!
  3. FA1

  4. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Whats up from Fresno CA. Since 8th Gen hype is dead in my town, cant find not even Honda car meet, show, group, team, or anything... Im reaching out, just want some fellow R18s to group with, even if long distance, to talk non SI stuff, show your ride, etc. If there are current updated...
  5. Inside and Out
    Kplayground R18
1-5 of 5 Results