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  1. Exhaust Discussion
    Hi everyone! i just got my Yonaka catback exhaust for my ‘11 civic coupe (LX). I had it installed by my mechanic, and it’s rattling. At first it rattled in when the car was in Reverse, my mechanic said it’s a little too long/big for my car so he cut a little piece of the frame. It didn’t rattle...
  2. Exhaust Discussion
    Hello, I know people probably have had this discussion before but we are in 2021 and all those forms are from 06+ lol. But I was considering doing a skunk2 racing the mega r but that's just so common and I don't want to sound like a fart can. I would go j racing but don't got that money. So...
  3. Exhaust Discussion
    Hi everyone quick question, I have a invidia N1 exhaust have the HFP lip on it barely any clearance, so above the exhaust it gets black from all the pulls! Anything you guys suggest? Thank you!
1-3 of 3 Results