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  1. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    I bought a cheap eBay axle back muffler for my 2011 civic ex and it makes a weird whistle noise is it just because it’s poor quality or is something wrong?
  2. Exhaust Discussion
    I wanna get a Skunk2 Megapower RR catback (76mm) but I don’t know and can’t find out if it will connect straight to the stock header without any adapters. thanks :)
  3. Introduction & Pictures
    will a k tuned header fit with a skunk2 exhaust
  4. Exhaust Discussion
    Wanted to post up this quick picture and explain what I have learned about exhaust sounds and how to generally tell if it will be on the louder or quieter side. In the picture below, I circled all the exhaust in red that will generally be on the louder side. The exhaust circled in green will...
  5. Intakes, Exhausts, & Headers FS
    I have the stock exhaust muffler/axle back and the stock air intake box w/ K&N drop in filter from a 2007 Honda Civic LX Coupe for sale. Located in SF Bay Area. exhaust - $80 Intake - $50 or $100 for both
  6. Intakes, Exhausts, & Headers FS
    Just wondering what you guys recommend for a catback exhaust with a deep tone that pops and bangs while decelerating and using launch control with or without tuning it? Car has a greddy exhaust but no pops lol.
  7. Intake & Spacer Discussion
    I was thinking of getting a new CAI, & exhaust for my stock, automatic 2011 civic, but wasn’t sure if i might as well get a new ecu while i’m at it. Not trying to get a ton of power or anything, just trying to make my daily a little more fun. Also if you guys have any brands/recommendations to...
  8. Wanted Forum
    I have suspension done and flash pro. Now time for the real mods. Looking to buy an intake, header and/or exhaust. Not too picky on brands as long as fittings are the same.
  9. Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    So now that I've got the car running nicely, I'm looking to do a few minor mods to the cars appearance and sound. It has the r18. I want to hear the engine just a bit more when I drive . I have the stock muffler right now and nothing is wrong with it but I love hearing the sound of my vehicle...
  10. Exhaust Discussion
    Hi guys, I recently bought a civic FD 2010 1.8s. It came together with a spoon n1 exhaust for the fd2r but is not yet installed. Will there be any issues when installing it on stock mid pipes? Thanks
  11. Exhaust Discussion
    hello guys, I recently got myself a Tsudo catback but have read things about the installtion and almost all people talked about having difficulty when it comes to the stock bolts in the oem downpipe as it is welded in. Many people recommended hammering it out or cutting the bolts but my question...
  12. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    I have a all stock R18 and recently decided to unscrew the uh i think it was the muffler and exhaust. but anyways it sounded great and it made me want to get a catback exhaust but Im pretty new with car stuff, so I just wanted to know what parts should i focus on if i wanna make my car louder...
  13. Exhaust Discussion
    Want a deeper tone but also something that's not obnoxiously loud. Anyone got any recommendations? Will be upgrading headers in the future but still stock for now.
  14. Exhaust Discussion
    Would the Greddy Revolution muffler sound good on the R18? I was looking into running the Greddy with a vibrant ultra quiet resonator and 2.25 inch piping. Any feedback from people with similar setups or have heard similar setups is much appreciated.
  15. Wanted Forum
    I'm looking for a Skunk2 full exhaust for Honda Si sedan. If you are selling please message me.
  16. Intakes, Exhausts, & Headers FS
    Hi everyone, I just want to know your muffler modification to your 8th gen civic. Because I'm planning to change my muffler anytime soon but I don't want it so loud. Where others could definitely notice the sound a lot from the inside. Because my girlfriend don't want me to change it but I do...
  17. Civic Coupe And Sedan
    Hey guys, I have been looking for an exhaust system for my civic that doesn't sound raspy and over the top, just a little more sound and tone than stock. I had the muffler off but lost allot of low end torque and the sound pollution was pretty bad in the car. Preferably i would like it to be...
  18. Articles - Engine, Other
    Hey guys, so what’s the best budget exhaust for the 8th gen civic si? I have a stock one and need to upgrade. If you could recommend one to me or have a war about your opinions I will be happy! Thank you, I want to go skunk2 or Invidia but I’m 16 and have a low budget.
  19. Exhaust Discussion
    Hey guys, new member here. Picked up a ‘10 Taffeta White Si Coupe recently. I bought it with a Injen Cold Air Intake, lowered on Eibach Sportline Springs, and a Invidia N1 Catback. Everyone is good so far and I really like it, but the exhaust is somewhat annoying. I don’t mind how loud it is...
  20. Civic Si
    Got an 07 civic Si Sedan with these mods -K&N typhoon short Ram intake -DC 4-2-1. 2 piece Ceramic coated header w cat delete -Tsudo catback 2.75” piping with a Vibrant Street power muffler -Hondata flash pro Could i be making more power if i used a different setup?
1-20 of 30 Results