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  1. Engine mount clearance?

    Articles - Engine, Other
    Can someone either take a photo or measure the clearance between the passenger side top motor mount in the closest to the front bumper from the engine bumper to the mount. Mine isn’t quite sitting on the bump stop but you probably couldn’t slide two quarters between the gap. I’m wondering if...
  2. Help on my civic

    Introduction & Pictures
    Hey guys I have a 2006 Honda Civic ex couple 2 door it has a 1.8 r18 engine or whatever they’re called, It’s a manual trans, I’m looking for a cheap engine as the previous one blew up, can pay like 500-700 just looking for an engine for a manual trans, thanks, I’ve looked all over eBay and all...
  3. P2135 Check Engine Error

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey, I've been dealing with this code for the past week or so. When driving the car would suddenly lose power when the CEL turned on. I replaced the throttle body and the accelerator pedal, now the car runs fine but the CEL comes on and the car gains power as in idles at 1800 RPM etc. Not too...
  4. Engine Crank - Do not Start Sometimes (Both Warm + Hot Start)

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi Guys, Hope you all are staying safe. Mine is 09 civic sdn ex, the engine Crank - Do not Start Sometimes (Both Warm + Hot Start) This happened to me from time to time, just have not found the root cause yet. After I put gas paddle down either half-way and all the way to the floor, the engine...
  5. Diagnosing decreasing mpg.

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi all, I have a 2009 civic EX (A/T with 173k miles). No mods (I did remove a shim from behind the AC Clutch to make it work, which it does so now). My cars mpg seems to be decreasing over time. I was getting ~35 mpg a year ago on the highway, now I get about 29 mpg. The spark plugs were...
  6. New PCV broke in half in engine in 2008 Civic EX coupe

    Honda Civic Do It Yourself Articles
    2008 Civic EX Coupe 200,33x miles I don’t know if any has had this problem but I broke a PCV valve when I installed it into my engine. I thought the torque spec was 33 ft/lb but this prove to be too much for the valve and it snapped in half as I was torquing it in. The part was bought from...
  7. 07 Civic DX Needs Engine Work - Worth It?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey, my 07 Civic DX (90k miles, Minnesota winters the past two years) needs a head gasket replacement and most likely machining to the engine head to knock out some warping caused by overheating about a year ago. The shop quoted me a minimum of 3k for the job, after replacing the MAF sensor for...
  8. Engine Bay Leak...?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I am considering buying an 8th gen civic, but after looking at it I noticed that there was a fluid dripping from the back of the engine bay. I checked it, and the fluid was odorless, and when I soaked some into a paper towel, it looked how I would expect water sitting on that driveway to appear...
  9. Air Filter getting wet

    07 Civic Si. I’m having a problem when it rains or I wash it. Water coming down the windshield and getting my intake filter wet causing my car to spit and sputter when driving and even when left Idling. I was told I’m missing the entire plastic shield if I’m not mistaking that goes being the...
  10. Interview: King Motorsports' engine guru Chad LeBeau

    King Motorsports Unlimited
    From V-Twin mechanic to V-TEC expert. Check out KMS engine builder Chad LeBeau's interview on our blog.
  11. Just Arrived - Mugen i-VTEC Oil Caps in Green

    King Motorsports Unlimited
    Priced the same as the other 5 colors at $97, these are gonna go fast.