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  1. Wanted Forum
    Hello si owners, I am looking to buy the Hasport engine mount kit in either 62a or 70a. Will drive to pick up if within reasonable distance or will pay shipping. I am looking to buy the whole kit but will consider individual mounts if for a great price. (Located: Evans, GA) If this post is...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I know engine mounts are known to fail and cause vibration when driving or idling. How bad does it have to be until I SHOULD change my engine mounts? Is there any potential harm if I do not change them? It only vibrates SOMETIMES during a stop light or idle but once I start moving it goes away...
  3. Articles - Engine, Other
    Can someone either take a photo or measure the clearance between the passenger side top motor mount in the closest to the front bumper from the engine bumper to the mount. Mine isn’t quite sitting on the bump stop but you probably couldn’t slide two quarters between the gap. I’m wondering if...
  4. DIY Honda Civic Engine
    Just realized this screw is gone can someone tell me sizing of it please it’s the bottom front mount 2009 si thanks !
1-4 of 4 Results