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  1. K20z3 to k24a2

    Engine Swaps, Mounts, Pulleys
    Okay, so recently my block in my k20 blew and I had to replace it so now we’re installing a k24a2. Later down the road I was planning on putting the k20 head on it and boosting it, but for now I need to get it driving again. Anyways, I wasn’t sure about how the tuning would work. I have a 2007...
  2. About swap r18 automatic to manual

    TECH Exchange Discussion Area
    Hi I'm new here. I bought a civic 8th but the owner was changed the transmission from automatic transmission to manual however the ecu throws me the solenoid codes so I wanted to know if at this point if I what to remplace the ecu the harness is the same or should I change something extra (for...