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  1. Inside and Out
    Ever have that annoying problem where anytime you need to fold down the rear seats, the head restraints always hits the back of the front seat so you gotta go up and move the front seat forward? So annoying!! Anyone here who doesn't know, rear seat headrests from the civic coupe will fit in the...
  2. Honda Civic Do It Yourself Articles
    I'm looking for mods or adjustments like adjusting your clutch play to get rid of grinding, anything to make driving the car more enjoyable.
  3. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Hello. So, I’ve been told that you can’t roll out the rear quarters because they are too thick. However, I’ve seen MANY 8th gens with the rears rolled AND flared out. Here’s one: How the heck do I achieve this? I’ve been told to use a fender roller, but I’ve tried that, and haven’t been...
  4. Suspension and Brakes
    I'm here to tell you that you don't need to re-install rotor screws. My 08 Si is the first vehicle that has had these tiny screws in the rotor assembly. I've done brake and suspension jobs on my Ford Ranger, Subaru Legacy, my dad's MR2, Mom's Chrysler Town and Country, and none of them have had...
  5. DIY Honda Civic Engine
    I just bought a oil catch can and put it on my FA5. Ran it from the PVC to the IM and now my car is throwing a P0172 code (Bank 1 too rich). I've checked for vacuum leaks and haven't found any. What else could be causing this?
  6. Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    Recently swapped out my map and dome light interior bulbs to some LED bulbs. I was blown away by the quality and light output compared to my halogen bulbs. I decided to bite the bullet and spend the little extra cash to swap out to Morimoto festoon bulbs for my map and dome lights. Then, I...
1-6 of 7 Results