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  1. Inside and Out
    SALE ENDS TONIGHT(11/1/2013) AT MIDNIGHT We're trying something new this season. We're going to be having a sale, but you won't see any of the sale prices or discounts reflected on our website, because we're going giving discounts to our followers and 8thcivic members this time around. Our...
  2. Inside and Out
    It's time for our annual Summer Sale! We're going to be offering 20% off products throughout the month of August starting today, August 1st. Week One - 20% OFF Civic Sedan and Civic Coupe Door Sill Garnish All door sills are 20% off starting this week through the end of August. 2006-2011...
  3. Inside and Out
    To commemorate hitting 1,000 likes on our Facebook fan page, we put our entire online store on sale, 10% off all sticker, t-shirts, vinyl by the foot, etc. We're even discounting specialty colors. This will be over September 28th, so hurry up and place those big sticker orders now! thanks...
1-3 of 8 Results