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  1. HFP Side skirts without hardware

    Inside and Out
    Since it’s 2020 and the 8thgen is already 14+ years old, Honda has discontinued the mounting hardware for the HFP skirts which included the bracket to mount the skirts... SO, has anyone mounted them without the OEM hardware and how? I can still use the screws on the front end and the double...
  2. Kplayground 2010 8th Gen Civic Customer Appreciation SPECIAL!!!

    Kplayground 8th Gen Civic Customer Appreciation Special EXCLUSIVE to members of the 8thcivic.com family! To show our appreciation to all members of the 8thcivic.com family.. Kplayground will be having a SALE on ALL of our 2006+ Civic/CSX Body Kits ! Sale will run from July 13 2010 to...