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  1. Articles - Body
    Hi guys! I am new to this and i have a acura csx 2010 missing most of the plastic covers underneath the body. Actually mainly the fender liners and the under engine cover. It is nearly impossible to find them. I was wondering if any civic plastics woud fit? Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Wanted Forum
    Looking for HFP front lip, rear lip, side skirts Preferably white but any is ok shipping to Ontario,Canada
  3. 8thcivic.com Site News
    Hey guys! So I’ve found this great looking 2007 Civic Si sedan but it has 180k miles on it for $5700 and been in a low impact accident on driver side door. The car fax said it had 6 owners, it’s passed multiple safety tests when being resold, and also kept up with oil changes fairly well (around...
  4. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I have a Civic Mk8 with the sun roof. Had this issue since I had the car. The interior lights don't work when I open my door. The door pings to say it's open when i open the door but the interior lights don't come on. I can press the switches on all the lights and the lights work and come on...
  5. Wanted Forum
    I'm looking for part number 08E10-SNA-110. Interior illumination kit.
  6. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Under dashboard box fuses 12 13 14 15 don't have current. Therefore the tail lights are dead and after turning ON switch without starting engine the temperature gauge starts to go up slowly and get to the last red point. What to check and where?
  7. Intakes, Exhausts, & Headers FS
    I have the stock exhaust muffler/axle back and the stock air intake box w/ K&N drop in filter from a 2007 Honda Civic LX Coupe for sale. Located in SF Bay Area. exhaust - $80 Intake - $50 or $100 for both
  8. Engine Swaps, Mounts, Pulleys
    I pretty much bought a shell of an 09 Civic Si 2Dr. Was looking to purchase a k20z3 since its the same one that came with it, didn’t want to have to change a lot of parts. Was looking to keep it budget friendly. I ordered a motor from usedjdmengine.com and I double checked with them to make sure...
  9. I.C.E., Electrical, Security, & Navigation
    Hey all, So I have an ‘11 civic coupe lx. a few weeks ago my radio made a loud boom and then no sound came out of the speakers despite the radio still being displayed. Turned off the car and back on the radio worked no problems. Now I gamble everytime I turn it on. Sometimes there’s no sound...
  10. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    It's been 8-10 months or so since I started to notice an hesitation when accelerating again, only during heavy traffic. This does not happen under cruising situations. Only during heavy stop-and-go traffic. Car is a 2011 Civic, 1.8L flex fuel engine (R18A6 - South american model). 55000 miles...
  11. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi! I drive an 08 si sedan on airlift v2. Just recently, my car has been making this weird heartbeat / squeaking sounding noise coming from the driver side wheel area. It’ll get louder as I slow down. I checked and there’s not rubbing on the bags and my car idles fine. I’m thinking it might be a...
  12. Articles - Driveline
    I have a 2008 honda civic fd1 the one with drum brakes in the back.....for the past few months i've been having this problem where by if i drive for a really long time my brakes gradually start to fail until they fail completely...when i open the brake fluid tank i find that all the fluid has...
  13. I.C.E., Electrical, Security, & Navigation
    Hi everyone, bought a wrecked 8th gen civic, ive decide to remove the start button and install it in my older civic eg6. problem that im having. Im kinda stucked, since i cant find a wiring diagram/label for the start button wires. I was wondering if anyone can help me out. there are 4 wires...
  14. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey good morning, or afternoon. So, last night driving home from work my 2007 civic SI decided to turn into a Christmas tree. The CEL and VSA light turned on, and the TC turned off. Tldr I drove home just fine car didint idle funny, it revved well, power was still their. Etc. So come morning I...
  15. Turbocharging
    Hi guys! I’m already In the progress of building my turbo. Dyno it and realised I’m lacking injectors. What do you recommend I use for R18 engines ? Aftermarket or OEM ? Ideally between 370 cc - 450cc injector range. I’m looking at Acura RDX 410cc but it’s hard to get from where I am.
  16. Engine Swaps, Mounts, Pulleys
    hey guys my sister crashed her 08 lx civic n is letting me take the engine n transmission. also my uncle has a old 91 dx sedan shell rdy for an engine, i’m just wondering if this is possible and worth it ?? i know it’s not gonna be fast or anything i just rly like how the dx’s look and have the...
  17. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello everybody I have this problem with my civic when in the morning you would turn the car on and the radio would work if you turn the car off then turn it back on the radio and temperature display isn't showing anything and radio isn't playing it only shows time, after a while when the car...
  18. Articles - Body
    This is on the cowl, mine is missing one of the two, would I need to order a whole new cowl or is there a way to just order this piece? 2015 Civic Sedan (yes this image is not mine lol, its dark and i don't want to wait till tomorrow)
  19. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Any suggestions for ES model tire upgrading?
  20. Inside and Out
    How do you all feel about mixing and matching body kits for your 8th gen Civic? I myself am doing a type R look for side skirts and front and rear end but with a Mugen Wing (cuz I'm broke and I just wanna get a wing)😜.....or should I just wait it out and buy the Type R wing? :unsure: Or would...
1-20 of 54 Results