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civic type r conversion
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  1. Wanted Forum
    Looking for any and all parts for the JDM rear end conversion for 07 Civic Si Sedan. Trunk (Carbon or Metal) Taillights Rear Bumper Used, (but without damage) or new, lmk! I'm also on the market for the FD2 Red Carpet FD2 Wheels Full set of aftermarket motor mounts
  2. Kplayground
    Kplayground CTR Front Bumper!! Back in stock!! UPDATED June/2012 The kits in PP material, come with CTR front bumper/grill with CF top piece and all the meshes.
  3. Kplayground
    Kplayground CTR mugen style front lip has ARRIVED! Ready to GO!! We already test fitted on both CTR style front bumper and authenic CTR front bumper, the fittment is AWESOME! PM us the best pricing with your zip or postal code
1-3 of 3 Results