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  1. Header Discussion
    Hey! So I have an 07 Si Coupe and I essentially want to get the full skunk2 exhaust package (Header and Megapower Cat Back). However I'm a bit confused and overwhelmed by all of the different info out there and I can't seem to get a clear explanation of what I need to get. Forgive me if I...
  2. Header Discussion
    Hey everyone, I bought a Skunk2 Alpha header used off craigslist but I noticed afterwards that it looks like it's missing the mounting hooks or bars. Am I ok to install these anyways? Or am I SOL and just bought junk (Junk2 jokes aside)?
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    My si hasn't had many problems however my shifter cables definitely get hot beside my header. The wonky heat wrapping the HR cables came with is burnt down to the cable almost. The cables aren't capable of any adjustment other than at the short throw linkage. My only idea is to heat wrap the...
1-3 of 3 Results