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ac compressor

  1. AC blowing hot air

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    Hi everyone, I know a lot of people have had AC problem as a common issue on their civic. I found many articles/discussion/youtube videos about it, but I still haven't found out the right solution. I got a new AC relay (39794-sda-a05) from Honda and to replace the old one, but AC still blows hot...
  2. Please help

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    I bought a Si hand no ac started digging come to find out compressor bad they install with no oil but that not my only issue the ac Line tat goes on bottom of condenser is broken the one with the sensor can I go to junkyard and find a k20 accord or reg civic dx or ex
  3. Ac clutch not engaging

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    I recently picked up a 2008 civic lx. The ac wasn’t working and the pulley was shot. So I purchased a new ac compressor clutch and installed it today. When I started it up after replacing, the compressor clutch would not engage. I tested the power lead down on the clutch and it is not receiving...