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  1. Civic Si
    Okay so here is my situation. I have a fg2 08 have some bolts ons and dyno tuned. Question is when i get my intake manifold ported and port match with my j37TB do i need to retune?
  2. Exhaust Discussion
    Hello, I know people probably have had this discussion before but we are in 2021 and all those forms are from 06+ lol. But I was considering doing a skunk2 racing the mega r but that's just so common and I don't want to sound like a fart can. I would go j racing but don't got that money. So...
  3. Car Builds
    bought this as my first car from a family member who just had it sitting in the garage . No engine problems and it was $600 with 80k miles . I’m 17 and getting into cars and these are some before and after pictures. Feel free to leave any criticism or make a suggestion on what do with my car ...
  4. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Howdy, Brand spanking new to the forums and new to Hondas in general. I'm itching for some vtec (yo) and I've decided I'm pretty set on getting an 8th gen. I'm wondering about mechanical things I should watch out for. I know the k20 is an absolutely monster of an engine (reliability wise), and...
  5. Inside and Out
    How do you all feel about mixing and matching body kits for your 8th gen Civic? I myself am doing a type R look for side skirts and front and rear end but with a Mugen Wing (cuz I'm broke and I just wanna get a wing)😜.....or should I just wait it out and buy the Type R wing? :unsure: Or would...
  6. Articles - Body
    Hey what lug nut size does mine use? Anyway I can find out for myself?
  7. 8thcivic.com Site News
    Hey there fellow 8th gen guys, im getting a good deal on a 9th gen Kraftswerk Supercharger i just wanted to know if it is compatible the seller is saying that it is all i need to do is trim the intake pipe shorter.. just need a guidance if this is true or not thank you!
  8. Garage
    I have a csx type s with a few basic bolt ons and i want to get a tune but im going to wait and add a few more parts. These are the parts i have Full race cat back Ktuned header with test pipe Aem cai intake Hondata Just curious about what i should do for my next upgrade. All suggestions are...
  9. 8thcivic.com Site News
    Has anyone ran this rim size on their 8th gen civic? What tires and tire size do y’all recommend ? Would I need to pull or roll my fenders? Do y’all rub when driving? 18x9 +12
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1-10 of 10 Results