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  1. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Recently bought some SI wheels for cheap and decided to fix them up (bad curb rash) so now Im deciding to put them on my 2011 hybrid. I was wondering if there has to be any modifications or any issues when mounting these wheels?
  2. Articles - Chassis
    My 09 lx coupe is bone stock. I want to put rims and lower it. Our roads are trash here in rockford il so I wanna know what cheap suspension parts and rims would be the best? Can I run 18s and still have no rub? Also what's a good vrand for tie rods and control arms etc?
  3. 8thcivic.com Site News
    Has anyone ran this rim size on their 8th gen civic? What tires and tire size do y’all recommend ? Would I need to pull or roll my fenders? Do y’all rub when driving? 18x9 +12
  4. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Hey I was wondering if anyone is rocking these wheels on a 8th gen and if so, did you need extended wheel studs or did you have enough thread?
  5. Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    So I’m looking to get a new set of rims for my coupe. I was looking around at some parts, and I found this photo of a coupe with rims that I think look really good: (That diffuser is sick too, right? :love:) Anyways, that’s the only photo I could find of that specific coupe so that’s all I...
1-5 of 6 Results