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  1. Request for help diagnosing cause of limp mode

    Civic Hybrid
    I know there are more than a few threads about limp/'safe' mode, but mine is specific to the hybrid - 2008, to be exact. So I thought I'd risk starting another one to filter out less-relevant responses. I'm hoping I didn't bite off more than I can chew when I bought this car recently - it was a...
  2. Atf filter location on 2008 civic lx coupe

    Honda Civic Do It Yourself Articles
    Ok so if anybody out there reads this and would like to give me some advice I'm all ears because I would really like some questions answered. So I was changing my automatic transmission fluid last week on my 08 civic lx coupe and I thought what the heck let me change the atf filter as well. So...
  3. WTB: 2008 Mugen Si Grill

    Wanted Forum
    Hi guys, I'm rebuilding a 2008 Mugen Si and the original grill is cracked and not fixable. If anyone has one please let me know because I have looked for weeks and can't find one other than the dealership.