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  1. Ontario
    hi i recently purchased a 2008 Honda civic and after I bought it I discovered it have a Honda remote starter (part number RS-08AU). I have confirmed this with dealership. i looked up for the remote as there is none came with the vehicle. As the remote starter is old there is no way i can get a...
  2. 8th Gen Cars
    I want to upgrade my fuel pump and injectors in my 08 coupe R18 and wanted to hear what your thoughts are before I do
  3. Articles - Engine, Other
    Hey everyone, new to the group! I could use some guidance. I recently got rod knock in my 08 civic coupe lx 5speed (1.8) and was wondering what options I have as far as a swap, I'm guessing not ALL 8th gen civics have the same exact chassis n mounts.. I've seen I think mugen and hybrids that I'm...
  4. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I recently picked up a 2008 civic lx. The ac wasn’t working and the pulley was shot. So I purchased a new ac compressor clutch and installed it today. When I started it up after replacing, the compressor clutch would not engage. I tested the power lead down on the clutch and it is not receiving...
  5. Honda Civic Do It Yourself Articles
    2008 Civic EX Coupe 200,33x miles I don’t know if any has had this problem but I broke a PCV valve when I installed it into my engine. I thought the torque spec was 33 ft/lb but this prove to be too much for the valve and it snapped in half as I was torquing it in. The part was bought from...
1-5 of 5 Results