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2008 civic si

  1. Civic Si
    Hey everyone, I bought a 2008 Honda Civic Si sedan about three months ago and I'm at about 113k miles. Starting a month ago, I've been hearing a sort of grinding or rasping noise when I'm in gear and I let go of the gas pedal, usually when I'm around or above 3k RPMs. It doesn't happen when...
  2. I.C.E., Electrical, Security, & Navigation
    Hey, so I’ve just installed a new head unit in my 2008 Honda Civic si sedan because I had no sound with the stock head unit. I replaced it thinking the amp went out and I didn’t want to replace the head unit because I was just going to use the new head unit to supply power to 4 speakers. I...
  3. Articles - Body
    Hey what lug nut size does mine use? Anyway I can find out for myself?
  4. Civic Si
    Can anyone tell me that this handbrake can fit into an '08 Civic Si Sedan? Thanks!
  5. Garage
    Hey everyone, looking for a site that i can buy HFP parts from, preferably canadian but does not have to be thanks
  6. Inside and Out
    Hey everyone, looking for a site that i can order HFP parts from? A Canadian site preferably but does not have to be thanks