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Civic Si
Galaxy Grey
HFP Intake and Exhaust.
2010: Purchased 8/27/10 with only 24k miles. Whoever had it before me, did not care about the performance of the car. 20" cheap wheels and tires with no way to adjust the suspension...Really? HFP CAI in Tacoma WA where it rains 9-10 months out of the year...Possible Hydrolock? Needless to say I am getting rid of the HFP parts and ordered the GReddy SE, DC Headers, and Fujita SRI. I will be moving my baby back to TX in a few months, so I may keep the CAI for the warmer months there. Wheels will come when I get to TX. They will be 17s with either Nitto or Yoko tires.

Owned a BB6 before this with the basics and a little extra. I can already tell the FG2 is faster and will be able to do more than the BB6 could.

2011: Biding my time for the year after purchasing my parts and installing them with a buddy or by myslef, I have finally started the parts buying again. Flahpro arrives in a couple days to be loaded onto my FG2 with a basic map and then tuned by E-Tunez starting in a couple of weeks. Coilovers to be purchased and installed in a little while as well. Everything will be updated on here as it comes.
2007 Honda Civic Si (Galaxy Grey)


Fujita SRI
Vibrant with HFC Header
Greddy SE Exhaust
Flashpro (I know, it's not really under the hood, but it is a tune)
Mugen Shift knob
Red LED interior lighting
HFP Lip Kit
JDM Yellow Headlights - Took off, because TX cops don't like them too much. But I still have them.
Blue LED Reverse Lights
Red LED Turn Signals
Not a friggin thing. All Stock. Looks and sound can come after performance
Wheel and Tire
Stock Si Wheels - Powder Coated Satin Black
Nitto Neogen 215/45/17 - Love these tires



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