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Civic Si
Fiji Blue Pearl
Tinted Windows
2007 Honda Civic Si (Fiji Blue Pearl)


I added a K&N Short Ram Intake and am using a base map tune with a Hondata Flashpro. I also installed Acuity shifter bushings when I was replacing the intake and my shifts have never felt crisper!
My first ever mod was making my own shifter knob. I bought a completely black pool cue ball and drilled and tapped it in my school's machine shop. Figuring out how to hold a sphere in a vice was a challenge!
The next mod to my interior is my personal favorite: Red footwell lights that turn on and off when the doors open and close. I wired the LEDs on the same circuit as the dome light, so they stay on for about 30 seconds after closing the door but turn off once you turn on the car. If anyone wants to do this definitely message me because the wiring got complicated and I had to use a 12v relay to give constant power to the lights, but only trigger the circuit when the doors open.
Most recently, I installed a dual USB port with volt-meter on my dashboard. I really wanted a voltmeter and the extra USB ports come in handy as well!
I repaired the clearcoat around the top of the car that had gotten sun damaged. I didn't do a professional-grade job and ran into many problems, but it looks a lot better now and I learned a lot.
Wheel and Tire
The second mod I did to my car was spray paint the brake calipers red. This took me about 8 hours total, most of which was scrubbing the brakes with a wire brush. I learned a lot about my car in this project; how to jack up my car completely, how the brakes work, and how to be patient... maybe. I also did a tire rotation while I had the car on jack stands anyway!



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