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Can someone please tell me if missing bolts like this is okay? Bought a manual 08 Civic a couple months ago. The car has been a great little car. Took the long air intake off (car is very Jerry rigged from previous owner)

Just added and amp and now the car is having so many issues. Loud hissing from radio, static, couple fuses blown, maintenance regularly, 260k miles.. I'm slowly servicing things. The car also idles very low. Around 1000 RPMs, it's idling rough, vibration. Cats off, got a Lexus exhaust on it. Not sure what all is important at this point.


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The bolt hole on the left looks to be an attachment point for an engine hoist to remove the motor. There are several ofthese located around the clutch/transmission housing. The other hole however used to have something attached as you can see from the paint. It looks to be a mounting point for the air box...maybe. If you could re-send a picture from a higher vantage point that would help...

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Watch for your grounds locations if the wire are in great shape and maybe clean(brush) around the bolts of your grounds

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@Chaos Pilot yes the one on the right is where the stock air box bolts to. Looks like a 1.8 liter engine and I believe the left side bolt is for a bracket but I'm not sure. I would make a bracket and used the hole to hold up the intake tube so it doesn't damage the filter by looking at the picture. As far the radio issue goes like Louis said check the radio ground cables end connectors. Make sure it's clean on bare metal and look behind radio wires since you said the car as been mess with. Check your amp ground, throttle issue could be many things but in your case did the ruff idle was present before putting a amp in?