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Civic LX Coupe
Alabaster Silver Metallic
I bought my car last January 24, 2015 at Honda dealership here in Winnipeg. It's a 2006 Honda Civic LX Coupe on silver. It's an "AS IS" car with 142 clicks "no dash light on", scrathes and scuffs "both bumpers has worst", dents on the hood and roof and some peel paint on the front bumper. So, for safety inspection, I removed the rear window tint because it was too dark, adjust the battery because it was loose, I bought a new wiper blades, 2 tires, tail light bulb, inner tie-rod, driver's seatbelt, and some pipe to put back the stock exhaust because it has an unknown aftermarket axle-back exhaust. The car runs fast, nice and smooth before and after I bought the car. I ran 3000+km on it already since I've got this beast (03/21/15) and the oil just recently change, it's at 70% oil life right now. Letty "this car" is pretty sweet, fast, still sexy even if it has damage and everything on it. Looking forward to make upgrades, more horsepower and torque. I'll do the make-up and dress-up soon so it's tricky to those people who try to race us.
2006 Honda Civic LX Coupe (Alabaster Silver Metallic)



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