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Civic FD 4 I - Vtec
Yellow - Gold
Recently bought this car for 6,5k in cyprus . Its Condition is close to perfect despite the few scratches and some seat holes . No mods on the car as of yet . its still stock . but im planning on doing some mods on it . Its an FD 4 which is quite rare thats what i really like about it . FD 4 and FD 1 though are pretty much the same but fd 4 is 1.6l and fd1 is 1.8l . So not sure what i can do with this car since there is not much information in the internet about it .
2006 Honda Civic FD 4 I - Vtec (Yellow - Gold)


Once again . stock . But my plans are to put in a filter headers and an exhaust for now . Currently onto 123BHP gotta do some mods m8 . im so slow . plus the 1265kg weight . T.T Rough life .
Nothing as of yet . But i just ordered a gear knob and a gear shift boot to replace with the stock ones . also a red emblem to put on my steering wheel since the one that is already on is kinda fucked . Also the red emblem gives a nice type - r sporty look . call me a ricer all you want . i still love it :P
No mods yet in the interior but im thinking of adding a spoiler of an fd and maybe some lips or bumpers in the front and back to make it look more sporty than just a family car
Nothing right now . but im also planning of buying a new radio with a din since i have to place the dash to put on a new radio , im planning on putting this . http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-DVD-Player-For-Honda-Civic-FD1-FD2-USB-MP3-MP4-CD-Stereo-Radio-Head-Unit-2G-/182146670384?hash=item2a68c99f30:g:o-gAAOSwSWJXRYEm . not quite sure yet tho
Wheel and Tire
Stock . And im about to change tires . thinking about Yokohama . ( ill upload a picture of the rims later)



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