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Big things come in small ones?
*********** Car now belongs to member Berdonfat ***********

*My other cars' a beater!*

Itemized build related costs (as of Dec 2013) -> [URL="http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/garage/19217-how-much-have-you-spent-merged-22.html#post10252409"] Here[/URL]

Bought in Jun 09 @ 45k mi. Supercharged @ 68k-ish. Currently at 116k-ish.

July 2010 - S/c, I/H/E, mounts, TWM Stg 2, bushings, CC Stg 2, CC 11lb flywheel, Walbro 255LPH HP, Omni CMC goes in the car, Dyno tune takes place. RLZ Engineering DynaPack reports 274.6whp/166.7wtq

September 2010 - Advan wheels, center caps, McGard lugs ordered.

January 2011 - 2nd gear blown. New counter/main shaft, bearings, seals installed. Go-Power coils, HFP Lips, PIAAs installed.

21-Jan-11: Les' Performance DynoJet reports 292.7whp/194.8wtq. [URL="http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/engine-swaps-mounts-pulleys/195909-200whp-club-17.html#post9172143"]Dyno Results[/URL] [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Oya7wrAsbA&sns=fb"] Dyno Results @ Youtube[/URL]

29-Jan-11: Innovative Motorworks (Carlisle, PA) DynaPack reports 308.1whp/202.1wtq - No changes made to power modifications or tune [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J1JH3fi8eY"] Dyno Results @ Youtube[/URL]

February 2011 - Advan RZ's + center caps delivered!

March 2011 - Advan RZ's are on! Progress RSB, Hotchkis endlinks, Skunk2 camber arms installed. Optima Yellow Top installed. PIAA 9006's ditched (they suck), went back to Sylvania S-Star Ultras.

March 2011 - 2nd Place NOV SM class w/ THSCC @ Sanford Airport

March 2011 - New record set for fastest supercharged 8th gen in the 1/4 mi : [email protected] @ Rockingham Dragway

April 2011 - Having clutch release issues with CC Stg. 2 and Omni CMC. No leaks from slave or CMC. Noticed the firewall flexing where the CMC bolts to the firewall. ClutchMasters FX400 ordered, new Omni CMC ordered, and will be talking with a local fabricator about getting a reinforcement plate for the area around the CMC.

May 2011 - Turns out the clutch release issue was due to a failing (breaking/broken/gone) clutch pedal bracket. Finally snapped along the left side of the bracket while driving. Possibly due to the increased pedal pressure from the CC stg 2 pressure plate and Omni CMC. Still holding onto the CM FX400 for later use. Images of said clutch bracket [URL="http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/mechanical-problems-technical-chat/251868-omni-cmc-cc-stg-2-firewall-flex-seriously.html#post9560396"] here[/URL].

May 2011 - 2nd Place SM class w/ THSCC @ Garysburg

August 2011 - ANOTHER clutch bracket broken (that's two now). Clutchmasters going in as soon as possible.

August 2011 - Clutch Masters FX400 goes in @ 94k mi.

September 2011 - Awarded "Coolest 8th Gen Civic" @ 8thCivic Conquers the Dragon VI. Skunk2 camber arm adjustment nuts seized. Contacted Skunk2 for replacement. Charged $26 for new ball joint. (Arms are 6 months old.)

November 2011 - Wilwood BBK acquired from QwkEVO

December 2011 - Another broken countershaft and ring gear. :| Purchased Albins mainshaft, countershaft, 3.00 first gear (straight cut), 2.00 second gear (helical), and 4.77 ring gear.

March 2012 - ROP valve cover replaced OEM. Skunk2 camber arm adjustment nuts seized on opposite side arm. Ordered two more ball joints from Skunk2. (Arms are now 12 months old.)

March 2012 - Another CT-E idler pulley failed. (That makes two). The ball bearings inside one of the two bearings in the pulley literally just dropped out of the bearing itself. Shielding on both bearings disappeared somewhere. Flange nut for the pulley disappeared as well. The one remaining bearing in the pulley was still resident in the pulley, without its casing, and was locked up. Ordered two more pulleys, loaded with bearings. Will be looking into incorporating the stock idler pulley back into the belt system. [URL="http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/supercharging/186004-comptech-ct-engineering-s-c-chat-discussion-329.html#post10452585"] Images of failed idler here[/URL]

August 2012 - MercRacing Stg. 2 Aftercooler purchased. Injector Dynamics 725cc injectors purchased. ARC DC2 splitters purchased.

August 2012 - 3rd clutch bracket broke. Noticed substantial crack in firewall. Sent vehicle to Asian Imports in Charlotte to have firewall welded/plated. Omni CMC push-rod bent as a result. Replaced with an EM1 CMC and new pedal bracket.

September 2012 - Full Race LCA bushings ordered.

September 2012 - After receiving car back from Asian Imports the car was having more clutch release issues. Car could only be started in gear. Sent car to Sam @ Scott Clark Honda. Clutch had thrown two springs. Ordered another CM FX400. Car has 106k on the clock. (Old FX400 was only 12k miles old - Disc material was barely worn - ~1/16th inch of wear)

October 2012 - Clutch install attempted. Found that the Albins input shaft had grown/expanded towards the end of the shaft (shaft end that inserts into the clutch hub) by 11/1000ths of an inch. Therefore neither of the two clutches ordered fit. Sam was able to machine the input shaft enough to fit the clutch disc hub. James (of Speed Star Racing [only importer of Albins Gears in the US]) stated that he'd never seen such a thing happen with any of the ~40 K series Albins gear sets he's sold. Also stated he personally uses 4 sets in his own cars. Also mentioned that the machining of the case hardened input shaft shouldn't render it substantially weaker.... we'll see... (FR LCA bushings also installed during this time.)

March 2013 - Acura TSX calipers, TSX Brembo blanks (F), Centric blanks (R), Stoptech Street pads, and TL Type S brake master cylinder goes on the car. (Thanks for the help Santi!)
Notice a substantial play between acceleration and deceleration forces somewhere in the drivetrain. Possibly worn CV joint/bad axle. More to follow.

July 2013 - Began discussing future plans for the car with Chris Shenefield (of Redshift Motorsports / BestSuspension.com). As a result, an order has been placed with him for his "Koni Double-Adjustable Race" coilovers with 500in.lb./900in.lb. Swift springs and ASR camber plates.

August 2014 - Redshift suspension installed. Some issues with the Ground Control sleeves on the rear arms with a 5" spring. Issue mostly resolved by moving to a 6" spring. Car rides noticably better than the previous Go-Power suspension.

November 2014 - Driveshaft Shop level 2.9 axles and Quaife LSD go in the car. Dead play issue (long gap, or dead spot, between accel/decel forces when maintaining any gear) still persists (likely a clutch issue.) Axle joint "pop" resolved. For reference, the OEM axles lasted ~125k miles (with the last 63k supercharged) on this car. SRS harness found to be faulty. Will replace when I care enough to do so.
2007 Honda Civic Si (NHBP)


CT-Engineering S/C Kit; (Eaton MP62); 3.15" pulley
520cc OE modified injectors @ ~70psi base fuel pressure
NGK Iridium (HRange 8)
Toda timing chain tensioner
Optima Yellow Top
AEM "v3" CAI (21-685)
FlashPro (Dyno tuned @ RLZ Engineering / Street Tuned by Vit of E-Tunez)
Walbro GSS342; crushed FPR
Go-Power Custom ceramic coated header w/ 3" flange
Full-Race 3" header-back
Innovative 60As
Hasport 88A FDRR mount
Hybrid cable bushings
Russell SS clutch line
Clutch Masters FX400
Competition Clutch Flywheel (~11lbs/Steel)
Albins Mainshaft
Albins Countershaft
Albins 3.00 1st Gear
Albins 2.00 2nd Gear
Albins 4.77 Final Drive Ring Gear
DriveShaft Shop Level 2.9 axles
Quaife Helical LSD (QDF9U)


MercRacing Aftercooler / T1R IAT sensor
ID725cc injectors
TWM Stg. 2 Replacement shift assembly
TWM base bushings
TWM shift boot; leather; red-stitch
XLR8 gauge pod; Sueded
PLX SM-AFR w/ DM-100
Custom rear seat burn hole
GRFXP V2 Sterrrrrrrin Whuuul emblem (Black)
HFP lips
WeatherTec Visors
Sylvania S-star Ultras (9006 only)
PIAA 168s (LED)
GRFXP tail light overlays (Red)

To be installed ("TBI" from this point on):

OEM Foglights
mm... yeaa.... puck that.
Wheel and Tire
OEM 17x7 ET45 w/ 225/45/17 Conti DWSs (All-seasons)
Enkei RPF1s 17x8 ET35 (Pair) w/ 225/45/17 Hoosier Drag Radials
Advan RZs 18x8.5 ET45 w/ 245/35/18 Conti DWs (Summers)



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