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  1. Tunes

    I’ll check out Steve @ Etunes . ASAP
  2. AC barely cooling, turned on heat, then AC again and it's really cold! What is happening?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Remove the shim between the ac pulls and compressor . . My guess . If you cycle it on and off . Same thing .
  3. Tunes

    My question is does anyone really know how to tune a 8 th civic . Vit viper can’t be the only one. I’m not sure he was the guy anyway . After a vitvtune . Burnt valve . Vtc failed . Not sure how it’s connected . But feel like it is . Always asking questions always. Got bot like interaction ...
  4. Help with knocks CYL 3

    A few years back I was chasing the same issue . But a lot more knocks . It was a burnt/cracked exhaust valve .
  5. Launch control not working

    So I’ve noticed in Flashpro manager . Launch is preset at 5000 and adjustable . I try test it holding cancel . Nothing . I floor it . It just revs . Any idea what to look at ? It’s Vit viper tuned if that means anything . Any help would be good . Thanks
  6. No A/C after ~30 minutes

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    The clutch shim and relay look into it fixed my si.
  7. Review: Full-Race 3" Exhaust

    Exhaust Discussion
    Flash pro. And I just ordered my fullrace 3in.
  8. TN Best place to buy 3in fullrace exhaust

    Wanted Forum
    :vtec::vtec:I'm want o buy a new 3in fullrace for the sedan 08 si. On fullrace's web site some of the exhaust are on sale , just not the 8th gen . It got me to thinking that maybe another shop might have it cheaper .
  9. Review: Full-Race 3" Exhaust

    Exhaust Discussion
    What's the part number for the full race exhaust 3in I need to be looking at to buy.
  10. What do you guys think of the Typhoon?

    Intake & Spacer Discussion
    it will not give any real gain if you do cams or any bolt on . it cool by its self . but its really worthless. once i get a new one im trashing it .
  11. The VitTuned Custom Tuning Advantage

    hey vit , after the cams and head change , does the starting fuel need to be returned to stock , seeing how you were tuning it with a bad valve and starting sucked idle was changed also?
  12. How long for a final calibration? When using...

    ECU Tuning Information
    4 to 5 a week and it took awhile, I'm three weeks is on my retune , with cams . car feels good .
  13. Bogging and jerkiness below 3k from a stop.

    it was a bad valve in cylinder 3 . new head and dc 2.2 cams car feels better . and im currently waiting on a revision from vit .
  14. Burnt valve parts list

    AutoFair Honda
    Is there any chance I can get a complete parts list to replace at least the four valves in cylinder 3,and all the other parts required and the price . So I can order them for AFH.
  15. Engine chirping and slight knock with video

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Does it idle bad . Have the valves checked
  16. TX CCW LM5T Neo Chrome Edition

    Wheels & Tires FS
    No one understands what your selling. I wouldn't drop the price to much . They are worth the full price.
  17. motor knocking ticking some type of noise SOS

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Dont sweat the knock count its low.
  18. TN FS: Invidia, Hondata, RRC, Etc

    Parting Out
    Was this a good intake for you. I'm in Knoxville considering drive to and buying it.
  19. Help with Viper 5706v, no longer working

    I.C.E., Electrical, Security, & Navigation
    Is the led on or off constant . It could be in valet if the the viper key fob is still locking and unlocking .
  20. Help with Viper 5706v, no longer working

    I.C.E., Electrical, Security, & Navigation
    Bad remote .
1-20 of 466 Results