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  1. aFe Power Header w/HFC

    Header Discussion
    Anyone have any reviews of this? Seems like the only header available these days with a HFC since Vibrant discontinued theirs. Debating on this or just swapping in a Berk HFC and leaving my stock headers. Neither option is CARB compliant but my car's registered in NY for the time being (now...
  2. Greddy Supreme SP

    Exhaust Discussion
    did they discontinue the Spectrum Elite? I was always a fan of the titanium tip finish. The Invidia Q300 is a maybe for me. Have always had Greddy exhausts on my previous cars .
  3. Car Shops in San Diego

    yeah one coil was seized.. ended up buying a new set of BC racing coils and had Greenlight Auto install them. Great group of guys there!! Highly recommend. Thanks for the offer though !! I may hit you up for some more simpler installs. Always good to know theres local forum guys willing to help...
  4. Car Shops in San Diego

    Awesome, thanks for the recommendation man! Will hit them up tomorrow!
  5. CT Engineering CLOSED FOR BUSINESS?!

    Dang thats terrible. I would've thought they would've at least been bought out. Guess I'm gonna have to get that kit sooner rather than later. CARB compliance is key.
  6. My journey to build the ultimate daily driver // 2008 FA5

    Car Builds
    Digging the alcantara accents! Clean daily bro!
  7. FA5 Pricing

    Civic Si
    Bought my FA5 with 83k for 11k last month in NYC. I have seen 07-08's go for as low as 6k for like a Habanero Red and a Galaxy Gray with some clearcoat issues. Best prices I saw were on CL versus on Autotrader where delareships and personal sellers are selling for over 8k for cars well over...
  8. Vibrant /w high flow help

    Header Discussion
    Yea I dont get why discontinued parts are so hard to find for these cars. You would think that Civic parts are easy to come by . Seems like no one is selling their Vibrant header w/HFC .. at least not in 2018. Unless they're all trashed by now.
  9. Where to get parts installed in North Jersey ???

    damn wish I looked here before I moved to Cali.. Got some install work at CLM Motorsports in Woodbridge before I left. Knowledgable guys. I believe that 8sec AWD EG is at that shop
  10. Hate your own car!

    On Topic
    Love my fa5... hate the intake the previous owner put in. Runs like trash. FlashPro helped a ton but still kinda boggy. Debating on spending for a new intake or just a tune.
  11. CT Engineering CLOSED FOR BUSINESS?!

    I could've sworn I just saw everything was fine like 2 weeks ago when I was browsing their SC kits. Anyone know if/how they will still honor their warranties on the kits if purchased from a 3rd party brand new from like ProCivic or other? Wondering if I should scoop up a kit now as clearly...
  12. catalytic converter / HFC to use with Invidia Racing Header & Q300

    Header Discussion
    old thread but any finite answers on this? Just moved to Cali and never even thought about all these absurd CARB compliance things since it's pretty much non-existent in NYC. Not a fan of all this smog nonsense. Luckily my FA5 is still registered in NY... but just thinking ahead. I eventually...
  13. Where to buy Spoon CR93s?!

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Hey guys I know the Spoon CR93's are discontinued but man I've never had so much trouble just finding a set of wheels... even just a used set to powdercoat. Anyone have a line on where I can cop some in pretty much any color? New/Used doesn't matter. Looking for the Yellow ones specifically...
  14. Car Shops in San Diego

    Hey guys, Just moved to San Diego from NYC...looking for reputable shops to do some basic work on my FA5. One of my coilovers is seized so looking to find a shop to replace em. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!:wavey:
  15. Used price on 2009 Honda Civic Si

    Civic Si
    i just paid $11k for my 2011 FA5 with 88k on it. Dealers charge a ton. Seen an 07 and 08 go for almost half that on CL (6-7k) but with 110k and the colors weren't as popular (Habanero Red Pearl & Galaxy Gray) . Cash is king.. if its a private seller ..you may be able to talk them down. My...
1-15 of 15 Results