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  1. 300whp what to do ?

    Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Supercharger or turbo. Just be sure to use good quality parts and take your time on the build don't rush and or try to cut any corners when putting it all together
  2. Failed smog test due to battery disconnected

    Try going to a different inspection place maybe it'll work there. I've had this similar issue but only drove the car about 150 miles and was able to pass / do the test.
  3. New Member Alert

    Introduction & Pictures
    Nice car and welcome to the forum. I agree with above don't drop it to much but just 2 inches or so. Also coilovers or a good set up of springs and struts will change a lot of the ride quality do your research before you throw any parts or upgrades at it you will not regret it. There's a lot of...
  4. I hate OfferUP!

    Water Cooler
    Sucks, I've notice when it comes to selling something you can not make it easy for the buyer you have to stay strict make them come to you and make them work on your time not theirs most times people just waste other people's time and it is a very shitty thing to do. What a scum.
  5. NY FS FlashPro

    Engine & Transmission FS
    Still available?
  6. 2010 bumper on 2007

    Water Cooler
    Yes this is possible. It's a direct bolt on, no moderfication at all.
  7. Car not starting after crash

    Check fuse box for blown fuses, also you can check all grounds on the car. When you say it don't turn over will it at least crank? If not maybe also you can check the wires going to the starter.
  8. 3.5" Intake Without Flashpro?

    Bolt-Ons And All-Motor
    Yea you'll need flashpro to run any type of 3.5 inch intake. Without it your car will not run at all, also you don't need a full custom tune just yet you can use one of the preset maps that already come with flashpro. If I was you though I would first invest in getting flashpro as it can...
  9. WTB Si Spare Tire and Wheel

    Wanted Forum
    I have one NY tri-state where are you located.
  10. Looking for injen, afe or aem cold air intake

    Wanted Forum
    Hi I have aem short ram intake I will let go for the low if interested PM me here or reply below I'll ship to anywhere in the 50 states
  11. 2008 Civic with a 2013 Civic Engine

    Car Builds
    Hello there and welcome. Do you mind share some photos and we can better help you on what to suggest you to do next.
  12. Replacing ABS pump 07 si

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi thrre good evening, I got I to a small fender bender and my abs pump ended up cracking and getting damaged and I would need to replace it.. Is this something I can do on my own with like bleeding the system or would I have to get a certain tool / computer to bleed the system and pump...
  13. Drop in filter?

    Intake & Spacer Discussion
    That drop in air intake filter wont cause any harm to your engine. I drop those in every truck or car I own when I don't want to change out the whole intake never ever had an issue. They are a good bang for your buck and are better that stock intake filters I believe for a fact. K&N is the way...
  14. New Here

    Introduction & Pictures
    Hello there and welcome aboard hope you enjoy your stay. See you around now.
  15. Rear right wheel hit - what's bent?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Somethings definitely not right in the spot. Have you tried removing the wheel and inspecting further behind it something may show or look different then. From the sounds of it the wheel is def off alignment.
  16. getting knock counts low rpm

    Get it tunned by a pro or get a e-tune.
  17. What did you pay for your flash pro?

    ECU Tuning Information
    Just recently picked up a flash pro for 550 used .. man it works wonders makes me feel like i got a new car. Throttle response is waay better ans the vtec in lower rpm is sick. Rev hang also is gone. Now time to throw some bolt ons at it.
  18. Flash pro or k pro?

    ECU Tuning Information
    I like the fact the kpro has a screen and its like a access port. As for hondata i got one the day it makes a huge difference and opens up the car alot. I've yet to get my hands on a kpro.
  19. 2007 Honda Civic SI

    Introduction & Pictures
    Car looks good and thats a decent mod list. Welcome to the site enjoy your stay see you around now!
  20. Wheel hop issues

    Engine Swaps, Mounts, Pulleys
    Do you know where I can purchase Ingalls "Stiffy" Damper?
1-20 of 34 Results