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  1. Fabric dying a faded headrests

    Game changer forsure. One question, how did the oem fabric compare to the newly coated fabric? any difference in texture?
  2. Replacement center console lid

    Inside and Out
    I would buy oem but i’ve seen some that have been done well via DIY. if not i’ve seen rockauto carry random misc. items like that armrest
  3. Galaxy Grey FA5 to JDM FD2 Type R conversion

    Car Builds
    Very Very clean! Looking forward to pics with your mugen lip. I drive a mugen si w/ a fd1 conversion (cf vis w depo lights). Looking to do the front end soon, still on the fence about getting rid of my usdm mugen lip and bumper for the new preface fd1 style bumper and mugen lip.
  4. New member

    Introduction & Pictures
    86K Miles?! DAILY IT UP! I miss having a durable daily. Maybe save up for everything you want to upgrade til you hit the 125k mark
  5. Who needs a roof - Fa5 rebuild, road to Gridlife

    Car Builds
    Sick, those TE's looking nice! Nothing beats FJBP
  6. New member

    Introduction & Pictures
    Welcome! Will be looking forward to seeing what issues you have with you're ac (in your future thread for it)
  7. New Member

    Introduction & Pictures
    Hello all, My name is Jason and i'm from socal (san diego) to be exact. I currently drive a mugen si (in the shop for a rebuild as we speak). Been taking my time on this build and hopefully it'll be ready for the summer. Shoutouts to any other 8thgencivic forum member in san diego! Looking...
  8. Exhaust Question

    California South
    Stock header? You should be alright if you're not revving crazy everywhere, I have a oem mugen exhaust and i've never been pulled over for sound in socal.
1-8 of 8 Results