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  1. CA FS: BBS LM Tiffany blue 17x9 +20/+25

    Wheels & Tires FS
    beautiful. wish i still had my civic so i could use these.
  2. 8thcivic.com December 2013 ROTM Winner: cambodianricer

    Ride Of The Month
    you've come such a long way, bro! Congrats! well deserved!
  3. 06-08 coupe downforce carbon fiber aero kit

    Inside and Out
    i see this got no traction. it was a nice looking kit, too.
  4. SoCal FG/FA Sightings 2.0

    California South
    Lowered 09 Grey coupe with mexican blanket on the rear seat. Yesterday on the 91 around 8:30am i was in the black 370z w/ blue rimps.
  5. SoCal FG/FA Sightings 2.0

    California South
    Fiji coupe on the 91 around 1:30. I was in the black Z with blue wheels.
  6. Sway Bar options + Endlink combinations

    Suspension and Brakes
    Make sure you add on the reinforcements. Left side tore right off, and i didnt even push the car all that hard.
  7. Is Toyota stepping up there game?

    sports car? :facepalm:
  8. Roof Top Fun :) [Pics]

    Introduction & Pictures
    looks incredible, mikey!
  9. SoCal Chat Thread

    California South
    get back to work!
  10. I miss the old socal crew.... :sadbanana:

    California South
    that last year was down right painful with my car..
  11. Looking for a portable tire inflator

    California North
    Target also has some inexpensive ones.
  12. OFFICIAL R18 Engine Bay Pics & Ideas Thread

    Civic Coupe And Sedan
    lol. looks like shag carpet
  13. 562 peeps! Meet Every other Thursday!

    California South
    When's the next one?
  14. Mikey6p's ASM FA5

    Car Builds
    I need to do this. Want to see what intervals to take with my car.
  15. Huckleberry's Test Fit! YAY! PART 2!

    Introduction & Pictures
    A bit anti climatic but here they are! Front pokes out a bit; nothing lowering the car/running more camber won't fix.
  16. Civic Si with G35 shoes :)

    Introduction & Pictures
    Hmm, gotta remember to post my stock 370z wheels on here!
  17. Bad tint job.

    Civic Coupe And Sedan
    notify the bbb, hammer him on every single review site/car forum. and do't anything less than a full refund.
  18. OFFICIAL Downtown LA Track Chat and Ocassional Meets...that's wazz up!!!

    California South
    they're long, and they're strong and they're ready to get they're friction on.
  19. OFFICIAL Downtown LA Track Chat and Ocassional Meets...that's wazz up!!!

    California South
    yeah, but i'm used to it. my r18 was also black.
1-20 of 189 Results