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  1. 2008 Mugen Si - OH

    Introduction & Pictures
    Nice looking ride. Welcome to the site.
  2. 2009 civic si sedan

    Introduction & Pictures
    Welcome. Man I wish mine was blue.
  3. hopefully a track car

    Introduction & Pictures
    Interesting choice for a rally car. The motor in my 2000 328i blew and that's what led to me buying my SI.
  4. 2009 Honda Civic Si

    Introduction & Pictures
    Looks like a nice start. I wish mine was Fiji Blue.
  5. Who's still here? Check in!

    I'm here enjoying the info on the site.
  6. Back In A Honda

    Introduction & Pictures
    Right now just straighten up everything. after that it will probably just be the usual. Coilovers, wheels, window tint, intake, header, exhaust, and Flashpro.
  7. My 07 Rallye Red SI Sedan

    Car Builds
    Little bit of an update. I picked up a grille emblem seems how my car was missing it. my drivers side door speaker blew so I set out in a local junkyard to find a replacement. While searching through the civics they had I came across a set of JL Audio TR650-CXi coaxials with the mount and...
  8. My 07 Rallye Red SI Sedan

    Car Builds
    I bought mine off of ebay. I don't see why a dealer wouldn't be able to order it. The part number is 77298-SNX-A01ZB.
  9. Back In A Honda

    Introduction & Pictures
    I had a few. 94 SI with JDM D15B 94 Integra LS 95 Integra LS 95 coupe with LS swap 96 GSR sedan
  10. DIY: Ambient lighting in door handles

    DIY Honda Civic Interior Style Mods
    Very cool idea. My BMW had this and it seems like an easy mod to do on the Civic. Thanks.
  11. My 07 Rallye Red SI Sedan

    Car Builds
    Thanks for the tip. I went back later with some Purple Power and hit it again. Looked even better afterward. The plan is to take it for a full detail soon. Just waiting for some of my left over BMW parts to sell.
  12. My 07 Rallye Red SI Sedan

    Car Builds
    Here is the first "mod" I picked up for it. My shift boot was trashed so I ordered up a new oem Type R boot and installed it. I also installed led bulbs in the interior, an e brake handle rebuild kit, and replaced the tensioner, idler pulled, and belt. I didn't get any pics of them though.
  13. My 07 Rallye Red SI Sedan

    Car Builds
    First thing I did to the car was give the engine compartment a power washing. It was absolutely filthy. I wanted to see what it looked like with a quick spray. Better for sure but still needs a lot more work. Now that the weather is breaking here in Michigan I'll be able to actually put some...
  14. My 07 Rallye Red SI Sedan

    Car Builds
    This is the beginning of the build for my 07 SI sedan. I don't know how far I go with it. It will probably progress pretty slow as I get all the basics caught up on it. After that we will see where the journey takes me. I picked this car up shortly after the motor in my E46 BMW went out. I...
  15. Back In A Honda

    Introduction & Pictures
    Here's some pics a couple days after I brought it home.
  16. Back in an Si!

    Introduction & Pictures
    Sucks to find that out after driving. Looks like it was worth it. Looks real good.
  17. DIY: Skunk2 Pro-C Coilovers

    DIY Honda Civic Suspension
    Thanks for the write. This will come in handy.
  18. Back in an Si!

    Introduction & Pictures
    That Evo is nice.
  19. My daily

    Introduction & Pictures
    How do the Godspeed coils ride?
  20. Door Speaker Replacement

    I.C.E., Electrical, Security, & Navigation
    Thanks for the tip. I will look in to them.
1-20 of 28 Results