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  1. What is a good engine cleaner?

    I use the purple power from auto zone but the rubber pieces look dry from using it. Gives it no shine at all.
  2. HFP Wheel Thread

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Thanks man. I'll keep looking
  3. ~(Official Android Only Thread)~

    But I don't want tmo I just want to leave the contract scene and go to pre paid . So I don't worry about it hurting my credit for an overt due payment .
  4. HFP Wheel Thread

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Damn thats too much to buy them. I rather just wait for a local set to pop up. I saw ones on cl for $400
  5. The Official Wheel Fitment Manual

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    Thats a big stretch for a 9.5 . Why would u want to run a staggered setup? Its more for a rwd car not a fwd
  6. Complete VitViper Review

    Best mileage on a vehicle is at 55mph so im pretty sure he couldve gotten 600 miles to the tank . Pictures with proof would be nice to see :)
  7. *official* What cell phone and service do you have?

    I agree with many people that posted above. Sprint sucks unless you live in a major city with a 4g tower close by
  8. ~(Official Android Only Thread)~

    Is there anyway to cancel current phone contract without paying fees? I really want to leave Sprint. Bad service in my area and I rarely get 4g lol
  9. Hey I just purchased a 2009 fg2!

    Introduction & Pictures
    In for some pics too ! Good to see new owners of very nice cars :)
  10. NEW 07 Si Sedan owner from AZ

    Introduction & Pictures
    I understand man. I love the tsx and the si I think if I had a little more time to choose I wouldve went with an si as well but the tsx I have is a 6 speed and its so much fun to drive :)
  11. Enkei Wheels at WSCP!!

    Good price. Got a good quote with them. It would be awesome if they did wheel and tire combos :thumbup:
  12. How many military members are there on here?

    Water Cooler
    Anyone been deployed?
  13. Nokya 2500k DRL/ High Beam review

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    Thanks for the review and link. Will be buying these after I get back from vacation :)
  14. NEW 07 Si Sedan owner from AZ

    Introduction & Pictures
    Major down grade from the tsx man. Should've kept it! Lol
  15. Enkei RPF1s V2.0

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    EBay or enkei website. Unless you use the Honda centers then you'll have to sand down the back of it to fit properly.
  16. The Ghetto Donk Thread

    Smh. Why do ppl do this to a honda. I understand old vehicles but new accords nooo.
  17. Mikey6p's ASM FA5

    Car Builds
    Very Nicce build man ! Good stuff. Car went a long wayy
  18. Enkei Wheels at WSCP!!

    18x9 +35 silver rpf1 28314 have some 18x9.5 +27 nt03's i can trade :) well to whoever would want to. lol
  19. Enkei RPF1s V2.0

    Wheel And Tire Upgrades
    These wheels are my favorite. idc if its played out on alot of cars! lol I personally would rather trade my nt03's for rpf1's ! Any takers? lol PM ME :)
  20. Yah or Nah?? what you guys think?

    Inside and Out
    To each their own, i personally don't like it but thats my opinion. if you like it, go for it and do what you want cheers :)
1-20 of 24 Results