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  1. Post your favorite video here!

    Water Cooler
    That's... amazing
  2. Insomniacs Check In

    Water Cooler
    Mmm, good bud.
  3. He COMES.

    Water Cooler
    Ewwwwwwwwwwww kaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....
  4. Member Pics and Mug Shots

    Water Cooler
    That's what I tell girls before I **** them.
  5. Member Pics and Mug Shots

    Water Cooler
    That chick looks exactly like a girl I work with. Ashley?! is that you?!
  6. First Speeding Ticket.....

    Water Cooler
    Highway tickets are lame. If you're just pacing at a high speed you shouldn't get a ticket. Now, if you're dodging between cars and switching lanes while speeding, that should be a ticket.
  7. Fifth Gear Honda Insight - Hybrid

    Yeah, the Econ stuff is kind of confusing. I work at Honda and just took a test on this car. I passed first try!
  8. So who's Going????

    Past Dragon Meets
    I am! But April 23rd - 26th. With the s2ki people. I can't wait! Never been there.
  9. Help with my g/f.

    Water Cooler
    **** her best friend
  10. Thanksgiving FOOD

    Water Cooler
    Stuffing. I want it right now, oh GOD.
  11. Post Up Your PC Wallpaper!!

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  12. Anyone generate extra income off of the internet?

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  13. Defination of "life"

    Water Cooler
    Without turning this into a OMFGmarijuana420bluntzsmokeweedzeveryday thread.. I've had some of the deepest and most profound conversations (even with myself!) when high. The higher you are, the deeper into conversation you'll get about "life", and why we're alive and what we're doing and all...
  14. Defination of "life"

    Water Cooler
    That's hilarious ^ I wrote a paper this past year when I was high.. my teacher wanted me to submit it to some literary magazine.
  15. How to avoid a ticket 100%

    Water Cooler
    ****** tacks. So sweet.
  16. Defination of "life"

    Water Cooler
    You know how many times I've gotten high as balls and asked myself this question? It's nuts if you dig deep into it.. I've had my mind blown many times.
  17. Call of Duty 5: World at War

    Video Gaming
    Gears 2 is pretty awesome though. Get both. That's what I did!
  18. firm keeps teh beard, or shave NAO

    Water Cooler
    You'll look better shaved
  19. Woman injects face with cooking oil

    Water Cooler
1-20 of 269 Results