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  • splew ·
    Hey, I haven't been on in a while. Not much is up here, other than me getting a lip kit for my TL.:D What about you?
    mattsbobo ·
    No boost. It came with IPS K2 cams and Supertech valvesprings/titanium retainers (plus a bunch of other aftermarket parts). I just wish I had more cash so I could go ahead and get it running where it should be. :sadface:
    mattsbobo ·
    I've been up and down, and I'm still trying to get all the little "gremlins" worked out of the car. Sadly my lack of money causes me to have to live with them for the time being which is extremely annoying. I know once all the issues are sorted out, and I'm able to finish my dyno tuning, the car will be awesome. With all these annoyances though, I'm kept in a perpetual state of "what next?" :sadface:
    mattsbobo ·
    Yep. At the end of June a 17 y/o girl in her dad's Mustang GT t-boned me and completely totalled my car. I'm extremely lucky to have come through the wreck with minimal injuries. At the beginning of Aug. I flew out to Minnesota and bought NitrousG35's Si as a much better replacement to my original one. ;)
    mattsbobo ·
    I hear ya bro. I REALLY need to be more like you, and try to become more educationally inclined. I'm sure not going to make any moneu without an edjubacashun. :facepalm:

    You driving a GTI now?
    Bravura-Speed ·
    Hi bud, just seen your post we can supply that front grill in plastic or carbon, let me know if you're interested. Which year bumper do you have on your car? The carbon is $280 shipped and the plastic one is $120 shipped.


    Cheers, Mike
    Geovone ·
    <3 your car
    Quick question, were the fogs on your FD, a button or stalk?
    Reason I ask is because I wanna get the FD1 front end with fogs.
    firmhonda ·
    Growing a beard while owning a mac is like a guy getting plastic surgery to look like a beautiful woman and still having the dangly bits.

    False advertisement, is what I'm saying.
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