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  • riceburnerrsx ·
    Love your setup!! Im about to order battles also and this is just the pic i need to see. Would you happen to have any other pics? Im really just interested on how far they stick out if at all. I cant decide if I want the 17x9 +30 or the 18x8 +43. I want the 17x9 bc of the concavity of the rim but the 18 so i dont rub bc of the fat rims and tires. Do you rub or have to run negative camber? Fenders rolled or shaved?
    What suspension you on?
    rc151190 ·
    where did you buy those badges? front and rear? on ebay?.. i have mines, but is getting a pink color when i am close to them
    rc151190 ·
    woow! you car is so sexy!! :D yeap now i can see the rear red H, in some pics you dont have it!... what wheels do you have right now?
    rc151190 ·
    hello xclusive..
    what do u use to lower your car? which brand of coils? oh, why dont put the rear Red H?
    your car looks very good!
    spicy ·
    car looks good with the new wheels man. its come a long way. keep an eye out for my new 9th gen sedan ;)
    DelSol ·
    Mine are 17x9 +10's all around so... I also have Skunk2 v2 Camber kit. I have 2 sets of Ingalls front Camber bolts. I am maxed out with negative camber all around. My front fenders are hammered flat. My rear fenders are both rolled and pulled slightly. Also my tires are 205/40/r17's. This is a mild stretch but is necessary for me to get as low as I am.

    So basically you will need another set of camber bolts, and to max out all your camber. Also you need to roll/hammer flat all the fenders and pull the rear slightly. And depending on how low you go, a smaller tire so that you can stretch.

    If you have any questions, I am more than willing to help out.

    PS..Your inbox is full.


    filthiest ·
    yeah haha i gues i didnt align it right .. fudge it, you learn as you go. well the wheels are cool. what type of wheel do you want?
    filthiest ·
    I need to roll my rear fenders because when I hit little bumps it rubs , when I had +35 in the front it never made noise , when I put the 22s it rubbed crazy so I camberd the hell out the front but its still not enough I need to buy the camber bolts. No problem man you can ask whatever that's what the site is for.
    filthiest ·
    thanks man yeah on the pics i have +22 in the back and +35 in the front just today i traded my front ones for +22 so now i have +22 all around. ive been looking for a set of luggs my self because on my front right tire it ended up welding onto my arp studs, lol
    ive been looking at the password jdm ones they look reasonably well priced they are strong and can take the heat.
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