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  • 8thgenInAL ·
    Not that I know of but I happen to have a set laying around that I think has rubber on them from a friends set. Want me to look tomorrow and see. I'll send them free
    Jaypain ·
    That's exactly what I'm running, with neogens. No issues. I appreciate the help man. I reinstalled them with it on top and there's a world of difference. My drivers top hat is blown out though so I'll have to do it all over again soon. Let me know what you find out. Thanks
    Jaypain ·
    Yes, the silver sleeve. If you take off the access panel to the strut/shock mount in the wiper cowl you should be able to see if it's above the top hat. Thanks for the quick response man.
    Jaypain ·
    When you did your suspension, did you put that spacer for the front above or below the top hat? Seems to me if you put it below you can't preload the spring but if you put it on top there's a lot of shock piston out of the top of the top hat with that spacer and then the nut.
    justin.r ·
    do you still have the hood if your willing to ship to 33063 i have the cash lmk asap is there anything wrong with it scratchs,cracks or chips?
    harobmx87 ·
    like this?
    JDM Civic Sedan Rear Window Roof Visor 2006-2010 4 door - eBay (item 390233221503 end time Dec-29-10 14:44:35 PST)

    just search ebay for "06+ civic rear visor"
    harobmx87 ·
    Think you got the wrong person. I don't have a civic anymore n I never had a rear window spoiler. Are you looking for the abs plastic spoiler or the whaletail visor?
    machoortiz ·
    damn you are right . the best i can give you is $800 if you throw tires in but nonetheless good luck on your sell those wheels are gorgeous. btw how much difference did you feel with the injen cai... im thinking about throwing one in my ride .lmk
    Implosive_Disgorgence ·
    i bought the seats from a member on the forums, so i don't know the retail on them but ill friend out for yah. and for the door fabrics i did it with just some suede fabric from a fabric store like a year before i put the seats in, they just magically matched lol
    vivarr ·
    Their not bulb replacements. It's a 6000k HID kit. 6000 isn't really that low, it's more of in the middle. Lol
    Whatsacivic? ·
    Dang anyother weekend I would for sure buy I'm going to visit my parents this weekend and watch my brother graduate.... Wish I could maybe if y'all go again some time u want tot get a flash pro do they do tunes there as well?
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