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  • Dark09 ·
    Yeah I don't like subs and I don't plan on getting any,I don't have any stickers and my car is debadged. LOL but mines a R18 you should add whatsboost,I see you already added si fan. Yeah that seems to be the same thing here whatsboost is a Sgt and I'm a Cpl and we wanted to make a family friendly club but as you said we can't find anyone and if you do they're immature and are prolly gonna get themselves killed,nice specs man but I'm just a style guy,but my si's buddies tune like it's going outta style LOL yeah it would be cool if we could create at least a small 8th gen club here. Whatsboost is the ringleader LOL after the 96 hit me up and we will have a small meet or something and go from there. I really just want 8th gen enthusiasts who are mature and humble. I need to update my profile as well,it's easy to tell which R18 is me I'm debadged have a si tip,a custom black "civic" grille and a blackout theme,if you see me wave bro
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