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  • jbsali ·
    there should be a light blue and orange wire. either of the two should work as a rem. they are located just above the fuse box on the left hand side! GL
    zak8842 ·
    i actually forget because i got rid of my subs. i want to say like 35 but i dont know. where was it i posted this because i can do some research for you if youd like.
    KMM ·
    It's that time time of year again to get your santa hats on and be merry..
    but it's also time for 8thcivic.com's annual Secret Santa and Im here asking (once again) if you would like to join in on the fun...

    If you said yes then sign up at the link below
    MsZ.SeReNiTy ·
    She's 2 years old as of February hun. Do you have FB? she's plastered all over there with videos of her saying "si, vtec, vroom" :pinkrotfl:
    Pretty common thing "vroom"...don't know why it'd still be available, but at least you got it as your forum name :dance:
    It rained, snowed, hailed,....and even had clear blue skies and super sunny....differents parts on my commute to work. I hate bipolar weather WA :facepalm: lol
    im currently at work, doing the late night shift. but thank god its my friday.
    anything exciting with the bf today?

    btw hun, my FB is facebook.com/Ms.TWFA5
    MsZ.SeReNiTy ·
    lol true true hun. everytime i see your forum name, i think of my daughter. she says vroom a lot when she's around mine or my bf's car :pinkrotfl:
    how are you doing?
    MsZ.SeReNiTy ·
    :pinkwavey: ohai there hun!
    didn't know you were a grl til i saw your last post :facepalm:
    didn't see your profile til now either.
    k20 Fcukin Fritz ·
    hey im fritz. where in chicago u at. im in oak lawn for the night from fla. imma be headed out to tc pub tonight if u want to get some of the 8thers to come out so i could see ur kars lol. wantto see how chitown rolls :thumb:
    OBX4life ·
    a little bit of an 8th-oholic. I'm in college so it helps pass the time when I'm not in class/being productive or out partying :giggle:
    What do you do for work?
    OBX4life ·
    just got home from a party.. and realized its daylight savings time :facepalm:

    I really like your sig by the way.. :wigglesmiley:
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