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  • wb123 ·
    Hi I am interest in installing a cte supercharger kit onto my 8th gen civic si .

    What is the required maintenance if any additional required? Does the belt need to be tightened often? Can the belt start to slip etc?
    sick06si ·
    I saw your post about the car with 334K and considering s/c.

    I'm super interested to hear how that turns out, as I just rolled over 300k and was thinking of s/c myself.
    Chris3k2 ·
    hey Vit, i registered for you and Mucter's flashprotuning website and never received a welcome message so I can't log in. I've checked all junk and spam folders. My username is Chris3k2 and email is [email protected] Thanks
    fid3L ·
    Vit any chance you can brush up on my warm start up sputtering issue thruday night? Should be quick right? Payment hooker and a 5 lbs bag of blow? :giggle:L
    Cyrik ·
    What is the best size for barb fitting ??? I'm lookingto buy one Vacuum block and I have to chose the barb fitting size on you site Vit ...

    I plan to plug Wastegate , BOV and Turbo boost Gauge on it ... so but my Turbo setup will be on the car during the next summer so...
    0720Steve ·
    well hell. i know the little hole in the defouler was somewhat clogged or narrowed down with soot. i'm hoping the switch to the new defouler and wiping the soot off the sensor will allow it to function properly. i'm trying to see if i can get my readiness codes to set, not trying to trigger a CEL. :facepalm:
    0720Steve ·
    what should i do for p0139? i pulled off the sensor and wiped the buildup off, put a new defouler back on with it. think the sensor is going out, or could it just be the carbon buildup?
    mike_si_29 ·
    Hey bud.. killed my phone a few weeks back. They also killed my Sim card at the store for no reason. I lost all contacts. Can you pls txt me yours and Eman numbers? Hope everything is awesome. Laters chief :)
    Tribute 7 ·
    Do i need to do anything special if i want to change my MAF sensor to a MAP one? I bought the hondata 4bar map sensor but i cant even get it to turn over with it plugged in
    aceasarsalad ·
    If I'm getting a tune and dw65c FP from your site, can I purchase only the PNP clips for the DW EV14 1000cc inj? I have the injectors but can I get the PNP bit from you only along with the other products I mentioned?
    tiZZle2.0 ·
    If possible the 21st would be better. It is my anniversary weekend and I'll be out of town the 19-20th. If not I'll just catch you the next time you come down? Has anyone set anything up yet?
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