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  • JeShUa ·
    Magnaflow was the best. Looks and sound. Greedy is fanboi ish and is annoying to hear on long drives.
    Cbeyer2 ·
    Awesome! any particular area you want to head into? Medicine is a great field, just can't wait until I can see and do more.
    Cbeyer2 ·
    yeah man! I was a volunteer EMT most of undergrad, but I've been all over the place recently unable to get an actual paying gig... applying to med school now <fingers crossed>
    Cool to see someone else into medicine into cars. Doesn't happen often it seems... What sort of work you doin?
    vitamin water ·
    No, i was on the "members who don't drive 8th gens" thread, haha, small world. Yeah, we're pretty far apart, but i do attend nursing school out in paradise valley, im at JCL facilities way out there. Nice to meet you sir.
    918civic ·
    I'm in Glendale, so the far side of town I suppose. There are a few other Cops on here. I'm guessing you saw the "Ask a Cop" thread? I have not posted on that in awhile, didn't even know it got bumped. I'll have to search for it.
    bry ·
    haha thanks! appreciate the feedback. "everything" that i needed was: FD trunk, tail lights, crimps, and extra wire. that's sorta like the minimum to do the rear conversion. if you want to do like a "full" jdm rear, you got to get the license plate light covers for the FD trunk, the garnish to cover it, and FD rear bumper (FD tail lights stick out a bit on the usdm rear bumper) that's all i believe.
    you have to extend wires for the reverse lights, the outer tail lights, and the 3rd brake light.
    it costed about $900 +/- for everything. i hope this helps you!
    dpl.ex07 ·
    waddap mayn!! any friend of chris is a friend of mine lol.. tell him deon said wsup!! haha the ti-c is cool if the cops are chill in az, i had to put a resonator to tone it down..thanks bro
    k06civicEX ·
    Ah yes, practicality > looks for me as well due to my job at least! I ran a 225/40 with my 18x 8.5 & 18x9's and they work like a charm! :)
    asianskater91 ·
    hahah yeah i know what you mean
    i dont have reverse lights either hah (there covered with an overlay)

    and yeah where i live you really dont get tickets for loud exhaust or fixed up cars, or lowered vehicles lol

    i dont know if az is strict on that stuff but here no lol
    asianskater91 ·
    hahah oh ok lol thanks bro!!!
    and na i didnt, and stil havent got pulled over for it, ive got pulled over twice with it not there bu they dont seem to care hehe
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