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  • J-Ro ·
    I don't, but Portabuddy did... to be honest, it turned out well, but the job was a real PITA. I've never hated soldering so much in my life :)

    Noriko wants to check out Ottawa tomorrow so I'll give you a shout before we go to see if you're available. Food is a good bribe for both of us :)
    J-Ro ·
    I'm on vacation right now so I won't have access to any dwgs until next week unfortunately... in Brockville actually. We'll probably be up in Ottawa at some point :)

    When I changed my bulbs out, I replaced them all with LEDs so there were no replacement "bulbs" per se.
    J-Ro ·
    If I remember correctly, there are three main harnesses behind the radio: one for the radio, one for the HVAC and one for the antenna. You'll obviously be working with the radio one, but there's no harm in doing all three if you feel like it :)
    truflip ·
    all the buttons are out so i'll give your tip a try. it has been off the last little while so i'll probably know right away if it was a contact issue. thanks Jason
    J-Ro ·
    Hmm... is it the entire backlight or just a few?
    There are a somewhat random distribution of bulbs behind the buttons... some control two buttons, others one. If the whole thing is going out, it would be a power supply problem and not the bulbs.

    The first thing I would try would be to remove the radio and cram some dielectric grease into the coupler to help the connection. The coolant temperature sensor on my dad's Accord was acting up and I did the same thing to it, although it was easier to access...
    The crappy part is that if the problem is intermittent, you won't know right away if you fixed it or not.
    J-Ro ·
    It's funny that you say you like the darker look... I went through the same thing with Noriko when we were picking a colour for our living room. I wanted a moderately dark brown/taupe, whereas she insisted on a lighter colour. I won that battle in the end and turns out she loves the colour now :)

    You're right about the self-adjusting systems... they're better than nothing, but their downfall is that they can only correct for one location as you said. They're not 100% either... someone I work with has the same type and I measured it using my mic, and the frequency response came out fairly flat, but there was definitely still room for improvement.

    I would get the bass traps and see what happens. The downfall of room treatments is that it's really hard to predict what the effect will be, so it's a bit of a crapshoot. If you know the LFE doesn't sound consistent though, then bass traps will probably help that.

    Maybe the next time we're up, I can bring the mic and laptop with me!
    J-Ro ·
    Sorry, I was going to write back to you yesterday but by browser crapped out and got pissed off at my computer :p
    I was GOING to say that I thought you were looking for major suppression... for a home theatre, you want some suppression, but not a lot (depending on how the room is now). In my sound room, there is so much suppression that although it makes for a good measurement environment, it makes for a terrible listening environment because things sound so unnatural (the brain expects some reverb). Most listening spaces aim for around 300ms.
    The place I got my stuff from is foamforyou.com (sounds sketchy I know, but they were good to deal with and have a pretty wide selection)... my target was <$2/sq ft as I had to cover around 280 sq ft. Some companies had products as high as $40/sq ft. I chose a 3" wedge tile that came in at around $1.80/sq ft. There are also other styles and colours, so you can get some decent suppression without having your room look like a studio :)
    J-Ro ·
    Let me know what you've got planned!
    I'm using a bunch of different materials... the walls were partially covered with drywall so I removed that then applied Roxul between all the studs (held back with 1x2 strapping), then with the soundproofing tiles glued onto the strapping. There's some ductwork in the room that got adhesive damping, the door will get butyl rubber sheets (actually a part we use at work) and closed-cell foam to seal it off. I'm about half-finished at this point, sitting at 33dB, 85ms reverb time.
    J-Ro ·
    The house is good... it's nice to stop renting lol. I've already started converting one of the rooms in the basement into a semi-soundproof room for speaker measurement and I'm starting plans to convert half the basement into a workshop, $$$ pending of course :)

    Yeah, we still make our way to B-ville from time to time... I'll let you know next time we're there. We may even head to Ottawa... Noriko is into sewing and there are a few stores in Ottawa she really likes, so it's only a matter of time :)
    J-Ro ·
    Hey..... yeah, I'm still alive :)
    Sorry for the late reply. Apparently I haven't logged on in a while lol.
    KMM ·
    It's that time time of year again to get your santa hats on and be merry..
    but it's also time for 8thcivic.com's annual Secret Santa and Im here asking (once again) if you would like to join in on the fun...

    If you said yes then sign up at the link below
    yo can u please message me private the site u orderedthe blue engine cover from i really am looking for one help :( im having no luck
    CivicSniffer ·
    If you want meet me and Yodums tomorrow night to cruise down to College square were meeting at Timmies Glocester center for 6:30
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